Mingles with Jingles Episode 386

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Jim Hornfischer 1965 – 2021: https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/austin-tx/james-hornfischer-10217895
Donate in Jims’ memory to the National Museum of the Pacific War: https://www.pacificwarmuseum.org/#



  1. I was getting worried waiting, thank goodness, I couldn’t survive another “Not Mingles with Jingles”❤️❤️

    Rip Jim Hornfischer, thank you for everything ❤️

  2. The Hand of Death

    my condolences Jingles

  3. Aaw shit. RIP Jim Hornfischer, I started listening to Last Stand again at the weekend.

  4. sad to hear of James D. Hornfischer’s passing. I have been reading The Fleet at Flood Tide this year and have really enjoyed his writing. I am very grateful for his contribution to naval history, and may he rest in peace, sickness free

  5. I just wonder if youtube’s last changes are not against intellectual property and if all creators would sue them , if they wouldn’t put it back.
    Also for older videos they were created under different terms so whey they would be allowed to change it retrospectively. That’s also I think worth to be sued.

    • Copyright no. It could be a violation of contract law and things like good faith and fair dealings provisions, but not copyright. But what creator would want to sue YT, they would yeet you instantly, and it’s already in the contract that they can yeet you for any reason they want.

  6. Ah yes. It’s not as if submarines ever sank aircraft carriers either, no no no.

  7. purplemnkydshwshr

    That one Dislike was someone making shorts out of Jingles videos >_<

  8. We’ll just call it World of Gimmicks and move along…

  9. Regarding the Shorts thing: Here we go again, when will Big Tech finaly learn that: Such major changes should be Opt-IN and not Opt-OUT, FFS same is with the new Amazon Echo open WiFi Hotspot thing, forgotten what its called, thats per default on now (US only atm).

  10. ToughAncientSpark

    Jingles: “Your move Wargamming”.
    Wargamming: “Hybrid destroyers.”

  11. I’m sad to hear that Jim Hornfisher has passed away at such a young age. Its a fitting tribute that he will be remembered in the Naval museum of the Pacific in Fredericksburg Texas (the hometown of Admiral Nimitz). As a Canadian I got a chance to visit the museum during Xmas 2019. It’s an amazing facility and a must visit for anyone with an interest in Naval history.

  12. They went from “Do no evil.” to: “All evil, all the time!”

  13. Trying to make a short of Jingles about what is wrong with Youtube. Turns out, the list is way too long for the video format 😉

  14. Regarding the homing torpedoes:
    I read the book U333 by Peter Erich Cremer, a german WW2 U-Boat commander, and he recalled his experiences with the T5 “Zaunkönig” homing torpedo. Apparently they worked with two microphones in the torpedo head, and if the signal from one of them was louder the torpedo layed rudder to the opposite side, until the signals were the same strentgh again. He also recalls the huge enthusiasm between german submarine crews, feeling they once again had a superior weapon against the convoy escorts, something the U-Boat commanders had demanded for quite some time. However these torpedoes were very unreliable at first, as they had been rushed into service. These torpedoes tended to explode early, set of by the wake of the escorts’ screws and detonating harmlessly behind them or detonating too late.
    The steering mechanism had a delay to it and could cause the torpedo to run wide of the target. As a safety measure the submarine had to dive to at least 30 meters depth after firing the torpedo, in order to evade any possible lock on the submarine itself.
    It took quite a time to get the torpedoes to work properly, and by that the allied navies had found out, as Jingles mentioned in the video, that they were save from a target lock, when they ran at certain speeds.
    Cremer mentions that the torpedo reacted only to certain frequencies (around 24.5Kh) and by running slow (the 1/3 speed Jingles refers to) or fast, an escort could avoid producing the frequencies picked up by the torpedoes.
    He also recalls encountering a noise generating buoy, towed by destroyers, the Foxer, which consisted of 2 steel tubes rattling against each other and drowning out the noise generated by the ship’s screws.
    Apparently towards the end of 1944 the T5 finally worked reliably. There was a new iteration developed, the T11, which picked up the noise made by the Foxer, ran under it and then acquired the noise of the screws.

    Please keep in mind that this is just what I understand about the subject from reading a singular source and that I am no expert in the field.

    I hope Jingles does not mind me adding a bit more to the subject of acoustic torpedos.

    • All of which avoids the fact that subs were not used fleet engagements.

    • The RN also developed tactics against them (very rapidly in fact, through the Western Approaches Tactical Unit) – Google Step-Aside. Plus developing acoustic noise makers – which meant U boats could hear the convoys further out but meant the homing torps could be decoyed.

  15. Giulio Tessadrelli

    I enjoyed playing World of Warships too, but after the CV rework, the Puerto Rico dumpster fire, and the first round of subs testing I have decided to start complaining with my wallet and my playtime, I haven’t played since and I also uninstalled the game, I was hoping one day I could come back to the game that I loved and gave me countless hours of fun, but judging from the recent developments with hybrids, commander skills, and subs, all that’s left are the memories of a bygone era.

  16. Jingles, regarding disabling Short Sampling for ALL past videos.
    1) Go to YouTube Studio just like 4:42,
    2) Click the little checkbox at the top of the Video list
    3) Then click “Select All”.
    4) Go to “Edit”,
    5) Select “Shorts sampling” in the dropdown menu.
    6)Change to “Don’t allow sampling”
    7)”Update Videos”
    8) Confirm

    Unfortunately, for the time being, future uploads still require the uploader opting out manually. Still, a poopy move from Youtube.

  17. Leon Peters-Malone

    On the passing of Mr Hornfischer, you have my condolences. Sounds like the best of friends, a gentleman of the highest order and a man in love with his profession. Truly a man who had a good life. If only we were all so lucky.

    On the World of Warships thing, look, I’m going to say a lot.

    There’s a TL:DR version of it. What in the actual feck are they thinking? No, really, what in the actual feck are they thinking? Whatever they’re on can I get some please? It’s good stuff.

    Okay, now that’s out of my system. As a player, I’ve not touched the game in years now, glad of it. It’s the first game I full rage quit uninstalled. I literally needed nine games in battleships, cruisers and destroyers to not break forty main battery hits. You read that right, nine games, couldn’t even manage 40 main battery hits. Every salvo was straddle after straddle after straddle. I was washing their ships, not hitting them. Combined with hitting a ping of 8000, it was enough. Bad gameplay loop, bad games and just too much grind for me.

    I wish it was over 9000 for the jokes.

    The thing is though, I’m a game studio owner too. I got skin in this, it’s my profession. It’s what I’m trying to make a life out of. It’s what I’m trying to be…. more of. On some level. I don’t know how or why, but I’ve got stuff I want to see made, released, get you guys playing because that’s the only way I’ll ever find out if these are good ideas, fun ideas. Workable ideas. I got some idea of how this stuff works on the backend. The choices you make, don’t make. The stuff you try out, setting KPI’s, project milestones, determining what you can and can’t put into a project, a release. What fits your boundaries and what doesn’t. What makes something workable and what kills an idea. Why you need to make that decision for each and every project on its own merits, on its own principles.

    All of that I’m seeing…… absolutely none of it from WG here. I mean, if their goal is just to get pixel warships for people to buy, they’re achieving it. They’ve had to tack on game modes for people to play with the pixel warships. You have a pixel warship of a set tier, set value so you play against other pixel ships of a set tier.

    I don’t even think this is an arcade experience anymore. It’s just too messy, it’s just too scatter shot. It’s too jammed together and jumbled up. It’s not a consistent principle I can see anymore. Except to sell more pixel ships. It’s at best a game of top trumps. Who’s got the best captain, in the ship best configured. It’s about who can best play the system, who can best understand the math and the rules of it. That to me isn’t a game, it’s a spreadsheet exercise. Now I’ve developed the best thing, I’m doing what with it?

    And on top of that what they’re doing, they’re deliberately engineering the situations to justify their decisions. ‘Oh, people don’t play the co-op scenarios, so we don’t develop them’, when you’re not making them that easy to access, that there’s barriers to play them, of course people aren’t playing them.

    They’re doubling down on more ships. More ships means more issues, because you can’t have the ship classes or nations being too much the same. They have to have character, characteristics that make them different. So then you’re putting them into an arbitrary ten tier, level system. Of course you’re going to have problems jamming things in, before you bring in aircraft. Submarines as well? This isn’t a soup, this is a toxic mess of confusion, breaks from intended plan, out of context issues and unintended consequences. Each further decision makes untangling this even harder to untangle and fix.

    Best decision I made about this game, I mean best decision, was to stop playing. I can recommend that for you guys. It’s only going to get worse. I don’t think these guys even have an understanding of the subject matter beyond the math. Measurements, calibre, horsepower, tensile strength.

    Like I said, whatever they’re on, whatever they’re doing, it’s great stuff. They’re living in their own reality and they’re just not seeing this stuff. Where can I get some? It’s good.

  18. My condolences to the family and friends of mr. Hornfischer. The problem with World of Warships were long in the making. They started the techtrees with pre WW1 and interbellum ships, graduating to WW2 ships. And that’s were the problem started. Basically there were two major developments in the second world war. One is the emergence of the U-boats and subsequent rapid development of submarines by the Allied nations. Secondary the rapid development of air tactics in the navy, after they were spelled out in the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. Secondary to the last one, the demise of the Bismarck and the Yamato class ships put an end to the growth spurt the battleships had made, because they appeared to be floating targets to attack airplanes. Therefore, and I am hesitant to say so, if Wargaming has any regard to history, they will have to address this in the game. The flipside of this, is that the game will change significantly and as Jingles stated, will be less about ships.

  19. Jingles, I believe you are under the mistaken impression that wargaming care. Wargaming doesn’t give a rats ass about anything you just said or the genuine problems that hybrids bring to the game. They don’t. Until they start losing money they’re more than happy to keep ignoring us.

  20. I uninstalled WoWS a while back. Between never ending carrier strikes that no matter what you did would kill you and never ending fires from long range HE spammers, it just wasn’t fun anymore. The addition of hybrids, submarines, and more ship designs that seem to come out of WG’s ass are not convincing me to return either. And for me that really sucks. WoWS was my staple game for five years.

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