Mingles with Jingles Episode 389

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In which I decide I have better things to do with my time than pay hundreds of pounds to go to a press event and not be allowed to film what the press event’s about, which gives me loads of time to find other things to rant about instead!


  1. Finally I can start my Monday.

  2. Geoffrey Richardson

    Evening Jingles. I see wargaming is still screwing every one around. Lucky for them we like their product, even if some off the ships and tanks are outrageously over powered. Oh yes BZ to the rail ways to add insult to injury, bad luck old boy.

  3. Leave it to Wargaming to ruin a perfectly good trip to vist HMS Belfast.

    • I said last week in the comments….”Atleast this HMS Belfast WG can’t fuck up…. and guess what they managed to do? 🙂

    • Depressed Coffee

      WG is like a puppy that enjoys pissing on itself, It’s funny until it gets old and embarrassing.

  4. Ah, Jingles, never forget the Dilbert Principle: “companies tend to systematically promote incompetent employees to management to get them out of the workflow.” And yes, this has actually become a business principle.

    • In 30+ years of IT work, I’ve witnessed the Dilbert Principle more times than I could count. My favorite story involves a gal who kept getting transferred between departments because she was a chronic fkup, guaranteed to screw up any project she was involved in. Long story short, she got promoted into management because no one trusted her to actually do any work (and due to EOC they couldn’t fire her) so they shifted her into management… leading us poor drones who actually competently did all of the real work to wonder just how bad we’d have to f’up in order to ever get a promotion :/

    • So nice to see somebody mentioned Dilbert and it is absolutely true and no matter what industry you work in I am an arborist my boss has no experience whatsoever but he tells a good story and can speak the lingo yet he is my boss and I am not the hardest worker yet because I’m not willing to kiss ass and brown nose I will stay the hardest worker

    • Gareth Fairclough

      I’ve actually seen that in the army.
      Knew a staff sergeant who really shouldn’t have been a staff sergeant. Totally idiotic when it came to actually getting the job done or managing men.

      But by god, he was the one SNCO who showed some integrity and stood up for me when others tried to shit on me while in Afghanistan.

    • It’s a shame that Scott Adams repeatedly demonstrated the principle (AKA Dunning-Kreuger) by himself…

    • Peter Principle and Dilbert Principle are two sides of the same coin. I see both in operation at the large company I work for and in all the others where I had been prior.

  5. You missed one type of middle manager. The new guy brought in to fix a failing department but who can’t fix it because the management that brought them in is actively sabotaging things. In the cases i experienced it was a chronic shortage of funds for warm bodies to do the job leading to a perpetually overworked and stressed out workforce. Not good.

    • That sounds disturbingly like my current job. They brought in a new staff manager over Xmas to rein in the 200 hours of overtime we were getting every 2 weeks. By the time he quit last month. We were and still are at over 300 hours a week.

    • @Don Rando Overtime, haha. We just had to make do with doing the work with less. And yes somtimes safety suffered for it too.

    • This happens when the bean counters take over, especially if your department is not a ‘profit center’. Management wants your department to ‘fail’ and will do everything to make sure it happens, to ensure that some VP angling for promotion can claim that out-sourcing will save the company lots of money in the long term. It never works out well.

    • @Lumpus Maximus Nah in our case it was just the business wasn’t viable. Outside of the parent company there was only relay 3 layers of people. Shop floor, our managers of each shop floor department, and the main bosses. the problem was it was a speciality leisure complex and the machinery ate most of the money that was made so making any profit for the entire company meant every shop floor department had to go short staffed or the site wouldn’t make any money. here where good reasons for why it was a mess, but it didn’t stop the upper management expecting miracles from the middle management and shop floor.

    • Been there, experienced that.
      That’s why I no longer work for a certain large Pharma.
      People want perfect drugs for free, Right. Now. Yeah, that creates some real cost-cutting pressure.

      End result; Chronic “do more with less, until you go insane”-itis. I burned out. Nor was I even remotely the only one.

  6. Thomas Wilkinson

    The whole ticket stuff sounds pretty victorian buerocratic but with an electronic aspect added.

  7. NFTs sounds like the perfect money-laundering vehicle.

    peace (from the UK)

  8. Jingles I know of a story that you might enjoy about military shooting matches/ qualifying. It was a inter service match of the USA military services. A shooter from one of team’s was close to retiring and his team felt that he should win, now he was a very good shooter (is in the top 8 shooters of his branch) but they weren’t going to take any chances. Now the rules then were that they counted the lowest scoring hits on the target of each ten shot relay. So if say you some how end up with say 20 hits on your target your score is based on the worst ten hits. Now the scorekeepers don’t care how you shot to many holes in your target, you and your team might but to bad. So the soon to be retired team member won with ease and his team members to a man had there worst performance. One of the other team’s shooters (US Army) was most unhappy with what he felt was cheating by one team to let their teammate win. It was explained to him that what had happened was not against the rules and what did he expect they were Marines.

    • @TheHirokaraka Sorry about that I use voice to text software to write. I will try to make any further post more polished, by the way what is your native language?

    • @TheHirokaraka Yes, yet another unemployed or an unnecessarily picky grammar expert on YT, is this revenge for all the times you have been bullied and wedged, growe up it was no problem to read and understand what Nicholas Poppe wrote, and now you have more text to correct?. Have a good one.

    • @TheHirokaraka It’s a Marines story, if you want good grammar join the Air Force.

    • @fix0the0spade …or the space force…. Whatever that is…..

    • @gurra63able I agree with @TheHirokaraka, because of bad grammar it was hard to read the story and understand it properly

  9. proof positive Jingles that no good deed goes unpunished with your gunnery story

  10. more than happy just taking my pay check after trying to be good at my job and being shat on more than once. having fun watching the youngsters wear thenselves out for zero chance at promotion..we now have a change team to advise our managers who are all drinking buddies who have all moved up the food chain together.. lots nest feathering. lost count of how many new name badges ive had with a differnt job titles. still doing the same shit.. the monsy is good so im a coasting scum bag with no guilt.

    • The Mighty Jingles

      Yeah, if the management is bad enough it’s very easy for the good guys to quickly become the “don’t give a shit” guys.

    • @The Mighty Jingles I’m at about that point with my current job. There is so much bureaucracy and incompetence it feels like my job is actually just putting out fires that should have never been started. It has become quite difficult to get out of bed in the morning as a result.

  11. So, just for me to understand it: WG invited people through a PR agency to do free PR work and not even bother to pay their train tickets? Why would one even consider taking this offer?

    • Its how WarGaming works. CC’s get news before the mass of players gets it, so CC’s get to pay for the news before everyone gets it…. Why spend cash when someone is willing to do the job for free?

    • Jingles could have used the footage on his channel.
      I am sure most of us would have watched WarGaming-related, original footage of him on HMS Belfast… That’s the deal: WG gets PR, CCs get #content and views.
      That’s why he canceled when it became clear he wasn’t allowed to actually show any footage

  12. On the other hand, he failed at failing the marksman’s test, so..

  13. They did that, but YOUTUBE banned it when they started kissing.

  14. That ticket situation is a Russian Refund in real life.

  15. Jingles: playing checkers
    the range staff: playing chess
    should have had been between two bad shots and help both

    • “We passed you anyway, as your weapon was clearly full of blanks”

    • I remember that in the last section on my shooting test in the army someone got two more hits than the shot count should have been. The range officers were not amused.

  16. Drach does actually have a tour of Belfast already.

  17. On the bright side he brought that one slacker into accountability

  18. YES!

  19. I want to go shooting with Jingles now.

  20. A Jingles & Drach collaboration would be awesome!

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