Mingles with Jingles Episode 393

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The copyright trolls are up to their old tricks again, and as usual they hold all the cards.



  1. I subscribe mostly to watch your non-wargaming videos, haven’t played those games in years.

  2. I’m now going to find/ watch the Athens/ Naples revisited straight after this video. Damn you jingles, 🤣 never change!

  3. I subscribed for World of Tanks back in the day. Stayed for your voice and charm

  4. You need to add “Ol’ Man Jingles Navy Story” in the title Jingles! 🙂

  5. I remember episode 100 of mingles and thinking wow this dudes been making videos for forever. Now I’ve graduated high school and I’m in college and I can’t believe how much this channel means to me. Always listen to your videos to make a bad day better much love!

    • when I started watching jingles I was in Elementary school. 4rth grade. Now I’ll soon be in 11th grade in high school

      I never stopped watching jingles.

    • Same, I started watching him 6 years ago, graduated high school and I’m in college, watching Jingles became part of my routine.

  6. You should call those talk videos ‘Reminiscing with Jingles’. Can’t mistake the video due to the thumbnail that way 😀

  7. Today is my birthday and the first thing i see when I wake up is an episode of mingles with Jingles, what a fantastic start 👍

  8. purplemnkydshwshr

    I saw the video, I’m just here for the Soothing Sultry Narrations in Jingles voice.

    No Homo

  9. HyperDimension Bliss

    Still looking forward to the next entry in Jingles’ adventures in World of Weebcraft between the ever-entertaining WG content.

  10. Another development regarding the Activision-Blizzard scandal: after this whole mess came out, the workers got together to form a union, and Blizzard immediately hired a union-busting firm!

  11. 2 big red flags for me with the activision fiasco is that they hired a former homeland security “war on terror” rep as the their sole female executive 4 months ago to be the first person to deny any claims of company mismanagement. and they highed a law firm that is know for union busting and intimidating employees of contracted employer. to “investigate” the claims of “frat boy” culture

  12. Really connecting with everyone else here in the comments section. A lot of the time it’s more to see how Jingles reacts or talks about stuff than it is to watch the gameplay themselves. IMO that’s what makes this channel so special.

  13. Blizzard is rotten from top to bottom, boss and employee. I wouldn’t trust any of them anymore.

  14. Jingles – report them to the original copyright holder, let their lawyers chase these people down

    • As Jingles has said, he can do that with Epidemic Sound but for a single internet artist who gave three songs away for free? I don’t see him having the time and money either.
      What might work are copyright strikes against the copied videos but then they don’t make the money in this sceme and a new account is easily set up. You also risk that they use strikes against you and that puts you at real risk.

    • Jacke e-is-silent

      @Kal Taron But at least the original copyright holder or their agent can do a Copyright strike on the false video used to justify this. It’s still a crap system, but it’s the only one we have right now.

    • @Jacke e-is-silent Problem is that the copyright strike does nothing if the channel is expendable and you can be sure it is. So only needless work and may provoke the scammer to do worse things.

  15. Why haven’t someone made a compilation of Jingles laugh’s yet?😂🤣

  16. I really hate mingles with jingles.
    Because every week that I see it, I’m reminded that another week has passed just like that

    At least I get to spend a lovely time with the gnome

  17. Always surprisingly wholesome that Jingles doesn’t realise most people here subscribe for HIM and not the games he’s playing!

  18. Jingles, can you get the Home with the Gnome channel to copyright claim all your videos before anyone else does so that no one else can claim your video? Then if a reputable claim comes along it has to get challenged outside YouTube (probably, with a letter and actual effort). Though that’s a double edged sword I guess… or there could be something else im missing here. I don’t know, I don’t have YouTube account. I do remember that when you were talking about another streamer and copyright content you said they used tiny snippets of Nintendo music to ensure Nintendo snapped up the claim and that prevented others from doing the same. Use the system bug/issue to protect yourself?

  19. Jesus Jingles, that is an easy one to fight, just write to the company looking after D1’s music with the details of said video and who copyrighted it and they can copyright his videos, allowing you to use said music again!!

  20. “Sea Stories with Jingles” in the title would draw more interest

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