Mingles with Jingles Episode 394

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In this episode toward the end I go on a bit of a rant. There is foul language, if you watch Mingles with your kids you may want to give this one a miss. I warned you here, I warn you in the video itself. I’ll see you later in the comments with all the people complaining that I didn’t warn them. Some of them will even be serious.



  1. TheParallellinial

    Jingles, did your desync start to occur after you updated one of your programs or drivers? Video and audio desync are often linked to drivers or software updates. Could be an issue where some of your drivers don’t communicate properly? I would start with making sure that all drivers were up to date. Graphic card, audio, motherboard drivers, etc.

    Come to think of it. I would do a complete uninstall of all graphics and audio drivers and their leftovers, and try to reinstall them. I’m guessing the drivers in question are Nvidia and Realtek drivers, incl. what’s left in device manager.

  2. ScarletLightning565

    My theory for the audio desynch (tho I haven’t noticed any) is that it could be a mismatch in the framerate of the raw video clips and the encoder. Say the clip is at 24FPS and Power Director is set to encode at 30 or something like that

  3. josh thomas-moore

    It was always going to happen that Jingles recording gear would suffer the “Jingles effect”

  4. “to honor your request, we’ll be firing our head translator”

    *checks notes*

    “-Mr Google translate has been fired from wargaming”.

  5. Regarding the audio desync, it may be a mismatch of a variable frame rate as opposed to a fixed frame rate. Basically this can cause the frames to play at a different rate to the audio, gradually getting more and more out of sync as the video progresses. There’s plenty of tutorials on how to deal with this variable frame rate issue.

    • That’s my call. Jingles, run your video capture video through Handbrake with the export set to fixed frame rate. Can almost guarantee that will solve the issue. We see exactly the same problem when trying to edit a livestream video pulled off the server. Handbrake it and you’ll be fine.

  6. Bogdan Toma-Silai

    Disclaimer: Jingles is gonna be swearing towards the end of the video. Almost like he used to be a sailor or something…

    Jingles, NEVER change! We love you!

  7. I’m pretty sure ShadowPlay Records In Variable Framerates instead of Constant Framerates that Powerdirector Expects, so it doesent sync audio perfectly when your audio is perfectly constat “rate”.

  8. Columbus Police Body Camera

    Fixing Audio De-sinc: I had this problem early on when I started making videos. The issue it that you’re not capturing video at a constant frame rate. The audio is captured at a constant rate, but not the video. So when the editing software compresses the video while rendering, the audio portion of the video is slightly longer than the video portion. This only shows up in longer videos. I run all my video through a program called “Handbrake” before dropping it into my editing software. This fixes the variable frame rate of the raw video. This is an overly simplified but you’ll see that it works if you look it up yourself.

    • It probably has something to do with framerate too. If the source file is variable frame rate, then it’s a simple case of having to lock the frame rate. But i have also expirienced with locked frame rates, such as 23.976 fps and 24 fps causing audio sync. Hope you figure it out, sorry for my crap grammer, only suits this channel, and chers from Norway

    • @Andreas Holen VFR is a compression feature, its not so much about wether or not constant frame rates come in to be recorded, but if the compression can use basic tricks to save data. Its particularly good when screens are static, 2 identical (or near identical, depending on threshold for pixels changed by the compression setting) screens caps which would be 2 frames with CFR will be combined to 1 frame in VFR. Locked framerate might help a bit, but especially on longer videos will not change much overall.

    • Yep. There are all kind of frame rates and also drop framerates. I’m a sound engineer and even if I didn’t worked in video editing, for example the projects in Cubase and Nuendo DAWs ( Digital Audio Workstation) must be set at corresponding frame rates.

      As for why “sometimes” is happening, probably some videos are recorded in different frame rates. It is advisable to revisit the setting in each of the software and set it to be the same.

    • @mrnice81 That is a fair argument! My apologies, there should have been a – it may… insted it probably. My bad, as previously said, im crap, that is why i am here. Second, my expirience comes from cinematography, low end. And here it is comon for two clips that are “24 fps” to not lign up after 30 or so minutes, because of what i previously mentioned. But you make some fair points, i might be wrong, i just wanted to trow my expirience out ther and see if it colud help. Thanks for correcting me

    • @Columbus Police Body Camera
      That’s an interesting solution – thank you for your input.

      I used to create my videos in OBS and because I wanted to get as high a quality as possible, set the video rate to 2500kps and audio to 160 and the Recording Quality to ‘Indistinguishable Quality,Large File Size’. This meant that the video files were as much as 10Gb in size. I did use Handbrake to compress this down to a more user friendly uploadable file, but never thought about running Handbrake BEFORE editing – always afterwards.

      Just like Jingles, I moved to NVidia Shadowplay for the actual game content, but still run the results through OBS. A standard video at the moment (2 replays) is about 8Gb or 10Gb (most of that from the results) and since I upload about three a night, they are uploading while I sleep. I suspect that if I used Handbrake to compress the larger clips before I edit, then the file size might drop to as little as 1Gb or 2Gb, but still retain all the quality and more importantly – be synced.

      Thank you for your comment – you’ve been very helpful. I have 2000 replays awaiting production!

  9. Jingles: I have not much to talk about. => 50+min
    also Jingles: i have a lot to talk about => ~20min

    Thats why we love him 😉

    • Can’t be helped. Jingles lives in a different timezone.

    • He said it himself, he is getting forgetful,
      so by that logic when he has lots to talk he forgets half or more of it including the announcement of having lots to talk about. 😉
      Also are we expecting him to identify anything correctly ? XD

  10. My favorite thing about Wargaming is that they occasionally give Ian McCollum and Nicholas Moran money to play in tanks.

  11. Jingles, regarding the ‘how generous’ rant: remember how you explained that due to the fact that in order to buy someting from in-game you first have to convert money into in-game currency, which the effectively detaches the following transactions from real world rules and regulations. Or at least that is how WG appears to approach it. Unfortunately.

  12. Epic isn’t a publicly traded company. It’s a private company 60% owned by Tim Sweeney and 40% owned by Tencent.

  13. And Mingles ends with a ” Jingles Landing ” LOL Never change Jingles 🙂

  14. Imagine a company like Wargaming hiring someone like Jingles to overlook all these decisions they make.

    “Hey Jingles. Would it be a good idea to give all the best players in WoT an OP tank no one else can get?”
    “Hey Jingles. We are a little short on cash this month. Can we rephrase this sale a bit so we can get more sales?”
    “Hey Jingles. Should we look into this matchmaker everyone keeps pestering us about, or should we try to change HE, to get people to fire more premium ammo?”

    That would give some glorious talks at WG I’m sure.

  15. “why would Google not buy epic?” – my guess would be antitrust. Google gets a lot of attention for takeovers atm, and I imagine they can only spend so much annually without being officially in the shit.

    • Antitrust and the FTC takes a dim view of companies engaging in self-dealing, which is what buying the competition to end a lawsuit would be. Apple would also have something to say about it, as well. In fact, it would probably start a good-old green-mail campaign just to screw Google.

      Also, the minority shareholders of both Google and Epic would then have a basis for a shareholders’ lawsuit against both companies for wastage and self-dealing.

  16. A while back you mentioned Naples and how mad the traffic was in that city. I was on Intrepid when we visited Naples. As we arrived in port, you could see Versuvius rising above the clouds which was an impressive sight. Anyway, we had a run ashore and a large bunch of the crew decided to travel to Rome. Little did I know at the time that they were off to visit the Vatican and had a personal audience with John Paul II. I was not particularly interested in visiting the eternal city and decided to spend the day at the Italian Navy Yacht Club pottering around the various bays in a small yacht. However, in order to get there, I had to first get to the Allied Joint Force Command Naples (JFC Naples) – so I hailed a cab. This was the most frightening experience of my life!

    The taxi driver spoke no English, but when I said NATO, he said “Si” and our trip started. In really heavy traffic, he proceeded to drive at 70 or 80 mph down streets that I would only be comfortable crawling along. He swerved to miss cars that were turning and pushed his horn with enthusiasm to tell the others to get out of the way. This continued for the entire trip and we approached the gates of the NATO base at break-neck speed.

    Now I should have mentioned that this was in the Eighties (before you joined the Mob) and there were continuous security alerts at the time because of the Brigate Rosse – the Red Brigade – was still active and killing Italian politicians such as Aldo Moro and Roberto Ruffini. There was an armored vehicle at the gates with soldiers manning the guns. As we screamed to a halt, I was not sure if the taxi driver was going to crash into the gates and kill me – or the gate guards were going to riddle us with bullets, on the off chance that this was a suicide bombing attack!

    After paying the cab driver and thanking God that I was still alive, I spoke to the Sergeant at the gate house who luckily spoke a little English and knew that I was Royal Navy. He got on the phone to find someone who spoke perfect English and the only one he could find (as it was the weekend) was a duty Sergeant in the SAS who was stationed at the base in case there was a terrorist operation, as a sort of liaison and front man. I explained that I was spending the day yachting and he then conversed with the Sergeant. I was told to wait at the gate and someone would arrive with transport going to the Italian Navy Yacht Club.

    A truck turned up and I was asked to get in the back with a bunch of hairy Italian soldiers armed to the teeth. They didn’t talk much to me because neither of us spoke the other’s language and they knew I was an Officer and the Italians squaddies are much like our own – they hate the Officers too! After about an hour or more of crazy driving, the truck stopped outside the gates of the Yacht Club and I waved my goodbyes to the soldiers. I then spent a glorious day sailing a yacht around the various bays near Naples, inspecting all the ships that were at anchor awaiting their turn in port. I arrived back at Intrepid late at night only to be told that the others met the Pope and how nice he was. Still, at least the sailing had been fun, even if the journey to get there was the taxi from Hell!

  17. When I started playing WOT many years ago, all seemed good, then the slow curve into Toytown occoured & I stopped playing. I recently thought “Why not try WOW?” because I did hear when WOW started, it was a breath of fresh air compared to WOT. Now I hear all this & it looks like it is rapidly going down the same route.
    So what’s left for them to try & then Eff up? (Ignores the World of Aircraft attempt) World of Spacecraft?
    By the way, my Wife is a professional Translator. She has absolutely no interest in any of their Games, but If I told her that Wargaming tried to blame it on their Translators, she’d be hunting them down. pitchfork in hand!

  18. Nice to see Jingles can still miss the runway when landing a plane.

  19. WG Community: Just how stupid do you think we are?

    WG: Yes.

  20. “Dear Players,
    We are terribly sorry we got caught. Again. This has clearly been an error in translation and communication. We promise that we, as a company, in the future will communicate better with our legal department what we can get away with.
    Fly safe, Captains.”

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