Mingles with Jingles Episode 395 – CCExit Edition

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They say all good things must come to an end. Sadly this good thing came to an end at least a year ago, it’s just taken me this long to face reality.



  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    The Mass exodus.

    Finally. It’s worth the wait!

    • ALL growing businesses act like this. I felt this with CA and Totalwar, and other places. Move on, look for Indie developers who still have the faith in the software you really like.

  2. Incredible yikes for wargaming.

  3. the long long awaited old man’s coverage of the largest digital walkout in a while, except maybe blizzard employees…

    • @Matt Whan Ok boomer.

    • @Kolyma If you actually want to make an impact, uninstall the game. The fewer actual players, the more boring the game. If it was all bots, the whales wouldn’t spend nearly as much.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      @Mad Jack you proved I’m wrong by saying “you’re wrong”. Not very convincing.
      Also yes, uninstalling the game is the most effective way to show your dissapointment.
      Also for some reason weird sexist remarks from you, ouch.

    • @Алексей Сафронов :ccs don’t represent the majority of the player base (anymore)…there was a time when people played wot and wow with a degree of passion in hopes of an immersive gameplay with a degree of historical accuracy…ccs were a valuable source of “how to” gameplay…now there are two barreled tanks and clown cars flying around the battlefield that appear to illustrate wgs’ intention to appeal to maybe a younger demographic…to those who play mario cart, for instance, lol…ccs are out…i’m out…

    • @Trevor Limbocker make sense, but I personally dont want to impact the game flow and let the playerbase flow freely (which is sinking currently). I actually take potato teammates and broken ships as a challenge to make myself play better. And then again, I have not and will not spend any money on this game, I like this game but not too much to make myself suffer, and I am free to walk away from this game whenever I like without any remorse and regrets

  4. It’s crazy to hear Jingles talk about who he does and doesn’t represent. I don’t think I’ve met a single Wows player that hasn’t heard of him. Certainly everyone in my clan watches him to a degree.

    • Well the problem is that you are in a clan….the majority of casual players arent and doesnt care, they just want to drive a ship and shoot big guns for an hour or two once in a while.

  5. Fog_Repair_Ship_Akashi

    I completely respect your decision. What Wargaming has done this time is just beyond the pail.

  6. Self-replicating whatnot

    Community Contributors were, in a sense, Wargaming’s conscience. It appears WG no longer needs or wants it.

    • They do need it, they just don’t want it…

    • No, no they weren’t. Outside of LWM, most CCs were in it to make money off of trashing WG. I’ve stopped watching most once it became clear that most of then would complain if WG gave away a million dubs, steel, and coal to everyone.

    • Self-replicating whatnot

      @Nicoli Voldkif Then why are they leaving, genius? If they are in it to get that sweet hater money now’s the best time to keep producing content than ever.

  7. I remember Jingles saying once that the WoWs developers seem to be interested in creating a community, taking feedback and working on it, and all that. I believe he said that because the WoWs team was small the devs were themselves the PR guys and were in direct contact with the community. The feedback from players and CCs weren’t being filtered and altered as in WoT. I really loved what Jingles said back then, I don’t remember exactly what he said or in which video, it was probably in an MWJ episode.

    I don’t play WoWs but I can clearly see the change clearly by what the CCs and Youtubers are saying and doing. If I, a non-player who doesn’t even watch WoWs videos can notice the issue, the WG *really really* fucked up. WoT Christmas boxes are similar to gambling but at least there is a guaranteed reward for opening one box, but Dayum WoWs, you guys really screwed the pooch and have been doing so for a really long time, big time.

    Thankfully I never started playing the game. Jingles I support your decision. If CC can’t make changes for the better due to the misguided decisions by WG top brass, it’s better to wash your hands and fuck off.

    Edit: Added paragraphs to make it easier to read.

  8. This is going to be the most watched Mingles With Jingles in a while.

  9. Randall TheScandal

    You still represent the best of what a game can be, education, fun, and responsible. You and other members of the program gave your best, and you will have to be happy with that. You are not responsible for the monster that they ended up being, toxicity is the smile of the beast. If you can let us know where littlewhitemouse and others end up going, please let us know, we would be honored to follow the trail of breadcrumbs to a new platform.

  10. I’ve just been saying to everyone “all hope left with Little White Mouse” the game won’t change for the better and new people need to know what they’re going to get.

  11. ToughAncientSpark

    “If submarines doesn’t suit warship gameplay, they will drop it.”
    If we don’t make gobs of money off submarines, then we will drop them from the game.

    • @Opaheke1 Because then somebody has to go explain to Victor Kislyi that they wasted millions and millions of dollars of his money.

    • @RedXlV Like;”Hey Victor you made wrong decisions with staff hiring, vision of where the company had to go for, neglect of your customers, ignoring the fan base and free advertisement from the CC program and it is all your fault.”. He is the one who is ultimate responsible… so I can not give a rats ass or shed a single tear for him losing money.

      @Opaheke: Indeed. If something does not work try harder doing more of the same… that always works. #Sarcasm.

    • Astra in people and cook someone bed so good Back I love you got us

    • TheNecromancer6666

      I See pay to win ASW ships incoming

    • Further translation, if we dont make gobs of money we will cram as many loot boxed premium submarines as we can and drag you kicking and screaming into giving us you money because our spreadsheet says you are wrong

  12. ToughAncientSpark

    I been a subscriber to Jingles for years now and never heard his voice tremble as much as discussing the shit in this video.

  13. I suspect that the reason why Jingles was only able to record his own voice is because when he recorded the session, he only recorded his microphone and forgot to tell the recorder to record system sound aswell.

  14. WG: *We don’t need Little White Mouse*
    CCs: _May we interest you I’m a Big Grey Maus?_
    31:29 Also Jingles: “I’ve been to Oslo in Sweden”
    Damnit old man, which century are you from? Royal Navy in the 17th century?

    • @DERP Squad The 1800s are the 19th centry. The 17th century is 1600-1699.

    • @XenodoxAhh yeah, my derp.

    • @DERP Squad Glories to the Glorious Blackburn Blackburn!

    • Potter Ender Gaming

      @Tuning3434 Haha its funny to see you two from doc clarke’s channel here

    • @Hans Hedén Also from 1389 to 1412 the danish queen Margrethe the first, ruled all of skandinavia. This included Iceland, Greenland, and Faroe Islands, wich untill this point was under Norwegian kingdom.
      Her nephew turned out incompetent however and was forced to abdicate around 1439.

      The most powerfull ruler in Scandinavias history was a woman that lived more than 600 years ago.
      For me at least that is rather impressive

  15. A Jingles Recording: something critical went wrong, but still worth listening to.

  16. Since WG only cares about money I would have thought that WG cared for players like me who have spent hundreds or even thousands of euros on their game since 2015. WG’s behavior, absolutely horrible changes and additions to the game have made me decide that I won’t be spending a cent on their games anymore.

    First they ruined WoT and switched to WoWs. Two years ago it was a fine game and lacking most of the WG shit but tables sure have turned since. First I had it with CVs, then the captain skill shit and now submarines.

    I will still play the ships I find fun but I won’t spend any more money. As soon as there’s a substitute good enough, I’m out of WG’s games.

    Good riddance greedy WG bastards.

  17. Concerning the gambling wall: Maybe someone can get lucky in the first crates. But considering WGs behavior lately, are we really sure that it isn’t rigged so that you have to at least have to buy a couple of lootboxes before Missouri gets tossed into the slot machine?

    • ofc not. i would rather be surprised if wg was not cheating

    • Eelke van der Brug

      This. This makes it SO much worse than “just” gambling for kids. It’s gambling where you know the containers may very well have been rigged, as they have been in the past. WG is such a disgrace.

    • i think you’re definition on couple is very low, i see them fudging the system to have you buy as many boxes to at least get 2x the sales price of the ship out of it

    • austinpowersfasjer

      As this is game code, and protected under privacy law, there is never a way to be 100 percent clear. Unless we get a whistleblower.

      Im already 90 percent sure WG uses slight ingame tweaks to players to influences their performance. Ofcourse this cannot be proven, only if u have the actual code.

    • Austin powers, I would agree with that. Things happen over and over that just feel so fishy….

  18. Imagine this: Wargaming managed to piss off a Content Creator for 2 of their most relevant Games. If that isn’t disgusting and absolutely insane, I don’t know what is

  19. I stopped playing after the Puerto Rico and carrier rebreak. I could see the lack of communication back then. The CC program before then was influential and a great resource they had. Little White Mouse was the best member of the CC program. She did more for WG than many of their employees. I enjoyed my time playing the game, but I don’t think I will ever log back in. Warship opened up WWII ships to me, but WG is no longer doing WWII ships. When a game developer stops listening to its players, that is when the game starts to go to crap. I will stay subscribed to the CC community, but WG won’t be something I will play anymore.

  20. Hitchhiking on the “they don’t even have to do work, it was all done for them”. Trainspite (EU Supertester) noticed that the camouflage for HMS London (T6 premium cruiser) was all wrong both in terms of colours used and patterns, and the source of it was known: Mal Wright’s book, which is “quantity over quality”. So I opened up the camouflage file, and hand-drew it to perfectly match the scheme of September 1943, and sent the files to Wargaming via SubOctavian (who was aware of the issue, and said he was open to corrections). The only thing they had to do was to see I didn’t put in any expletetives, and just copy the file. I didn’t ask for money, I didn’t ask for credit, I didn’t ask for anything, I did it because I wanted the ship to look as it should.

    They just shelved it. Never heard from it again.

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