Mingles with Jingles Episode 396

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Check me out, Ma! I learned how to do chapters!
00:00 Nordpass Sponsored Segment
03:11 World of Warships – The Saga continues
06:29 Whale hunting
08:11 FK U TURY
10:05 Meanwhile, in World of Tanks


  1. Last time i was this early World of Warships/tanks was an enjoyable game.

  2. It’s not “Not Mingles with Jingles”
    It’s not “Mingles with Jingles”
    It’s “Mingles with Jingles WITH TIMESTAMPS!!” 😆😱

  3. Good Morning from New England…we are still here.. I agree that WG do not care about its player base. I also realized that they have changed the game so much it’s not as enjoyable. So as much as I did like the game I no longer find it fun. That in it self has made me feel its time to move on an find something new. I don’t think the new players starting the game will have the dedication that we did, and in the long run spend less money. I don’t see the game continuing its success in the future It’s a shame that WG had to get so greedy.

    • I know right. Big storm coming/everybody panic. I didn’t notice even the wind pick up. I guess there were power outages but not in my area of CT. I still play WoT a bit but the end has been nigh for a long time and I have taken long breaks from it over the years. I get the feeling WG has also had lots of roster changes among their own employees. A friend of mine used to work for them but he moved on from WoT a long time ago. At least he got to live in Crete for a few years and got some great experience in the industry.

  4. Saw your collab with Operations Room two days ago. Really awesome that you shared your story

  5. Imagine for once not skipping the add bec you love to hear Jingles talk 🙂

  6. Jingles “theres no gold ammo in Warships”
    WG. Hold my beer….

  7. Paul(u told the story as Paul mot jingles lol) just listened to you tell your story about the Gulf war and the Iraqi attack on the hospital ship thank you for your service brother we love our British allies especially when thier willing to turn thier big asses of thier destroyer and take one for the team. Thank you again brother we appreciate you vids man look forward to them everyday

  8. World of Warships these days:

    Imagine a slow-motion train wreck of a train made of dumpster fires themselves made of turds.

  9. Meanwhile in Gaijin: “Holy shit, deploy the player feedback!”

    • Gaijin have their own issues… though I tend to mark Wargaming as Evil, whilst Gaijin are incompetent. On the bright side, when the community rises up, Gaijin have been known to backtrack (they seemed to be headed on the ‘consumables for in game bonuses’ route a few years back until the community heard about it. Then they backpedaled pretty damned fast).

    • @Sneb Not to mention that, for it’s many issues, I think WT is a far more fun game than WoT/WoWS. The fact my crews always remember what vehicles they use automatically make WT a better game by default in my eyes.

    • @ThatOneKid0203 While I agree that WT is better that WoTs, and WT is better than WoAs, WoWs is better that WT Naval. That’s why it’s so darn difficult getting people to stop playing.

    • @Bob The Noob I can’t play WT.
      Get kill by some Hiden sniper tank every time with no idea where the shot came from. I just die.
      That WT skill curve has a nasty step at the start for me.

  10. I am utterly shocked that WG pretty much does something EVERY DAY to make me glad I uninstalled both game. This is absolutely insane, but also utterly unsurprising.

  11. They sound like The Underminer. “I am beneath you, but nothing is beneath me!”

  12. After they sold you one Texas they can’t sell you anohter
    *stares at my 6 Kongos*
    yeah Jingles is right! I got 5 of them for free and only bought one! 😀

  13. Wow, Jingles managed to make a sponsorship sound interesting.

    • Jingles makes everything interesting. He’s inherently easy to listen to. Sometimes i try to listen to podcasts or audiobooks while doing other things, I can never concentrate, but I can always listen to Jingles regardless of those topics. Like his old Gnome vs Food videos, I’d never have watched something like that if it wasn’t Jingles doing it lol.

  14. Jingles you sould investigate WG being watched over and investigated by the US governement, The EU, the Ikrainien Goverment and also Cyprus government in an inquity for corruption… Specifically at least 27 of its top employees are under surveillance.

  15. Am so glad i quit playing Wargaming’s games. I always had a feeling this greed would only get worse, shame it took so long for others to realize it.

  16. 3:50 “People who care about the World of Warships are not the people that Wargaming cares about”
    What a quote and an absolute truth.

    • The problem with Jingles’ assessment is that Wargaming might *think* this won’t hurt their revenue, but that doesn’t mean Wargaming is correct. A large enough exodus *will* in fact hurt their profits.

      They might be banking on the idea that they can keep bringing in new players (who haven’t already bought premium ships and thus theoretically have more stuff that can be sold to them) to replace the old ones. But even before the current shitstorm, World of Warships had a declining population, not a growing one. Jingles suggested that they don’t need to care about us because they’re getting 2 new players for every 1 that’s left. Based on the trends I’d been seeing before i stopped playing, I’m guessing the ratio is probably the opposite of that. 1 new player for every 2 who leave. And that’s not a trend that would be sustainable for Wargaming in the long run.

      Of course, I still don’t expect this to result in things getting better any time soon. Or possibly at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stubbornly stick to their current strategy until it reaches the point of losing enough money that Victor Kislyi pulls the plug and shuts down the game entirely.

  17. FKUTURY framed by a pair of 5s. The contempt war gambling has for its faithful player base is legendary indeed, for the history books. I hate how scummy their business model is considering what a good product they have. I would be willing to bet money, that the original developers, who perfected the battleship/cruiser/destroyer gameplay meta are no longer at WG

  18. Well, I don’t agree that they don’t have to earn about old players. They keep releasing new ships at extravagant prices, I believe a new player would never spend 100€ on a ship unless they play the game for a while and know whats going on. Besides, I don’t they can recruit new players that become permanent players that often.

    I am personally standing somewhere in between new and old players, I’ve been playing now and then for the past one and a half year, but after all this fuss, I will not be spending a single cent to this company, and I am already looking for alternative games to spend my time.

  19. Out of all of it there is one thing that you got wrong Jingles.

    Yes, it won’t make a difference if you protest with your wallet. As you said, there isn’t much left that you’d spend your money on (even then there is still space for some trickle in, especially with new premiums coming out and such).

    It does makes a difference however, if all of their top streamers and youtubers gave WG the middle finger and not spend money and not play.

    The majority of the influx of players, whether new ones or returning ones, comes from these streamers even if they are the so called casuals who don’t take time to properly learn how to play or go to forums. These people saw the game somewhere and more often than not got excited because they saw someone playing good.

    So if their content creators suddenly stop creating content for them, then WG see a serious income loss coming their way… Of course, for many of them it’s their livelyhood at stake but since I’m talking about the big channels here. They can swap into something else and while they will suffer a viewer loss, they won’t go hungry for sure and eventually the viewership will go up again as new people who are into that game discover the channel.

  20. I haven’t played WoT in about 3 years now, but are you telling me that with Crew 2.0, the six identical Ivan Ivanovs in my KV-2 that I paid gold to rename and reportrait for the memes, will be melded into one, lesser, Ivan Ivanov? Completely unacceptable.

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