Mingles with Jingles Episode 397

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In which I do my very, very best to not go and on and on about Wargaming.net again.


  1. Jingles, have you heard of the new indie tank creation game Sprocket?

  2. The man the myth the British Legend and I wouldn’t want anyone else sailing my ship to obliteration

  3. I will say this, I really enjoyed your Aliens video, just having fun with friends. I’d love to see more of those from time to time, your laugh is almost infectious

  4. Continuing to add WoWS content draws attention to your views on Wargamings business practices so I hope you continue. If people fail to understand this then that’s their issue and one only they can address.

    • Cookie Supervisor

      That only matter to you , me and few other people that understand game , but micro/mini whales dont care about that , they just play in weekend after whole week of working , and they are blissful majority .

    • @Cookie Supervisor A “blissful majority” that has been steadily declining since the CV rework.
      The U.S. server has gone from a steady daily playerbase of around 35,000 to about a quarter of that in 2 years.

      And they have nobody but themselves to blame; as each get-rich-quick scheme they’ve pulled has only resulted in driving more paying customers away than they’re gaining. Whales have stepped up to buy all the new Pay2Win, but due to how F2P matchmaking works, it’s all living on borrowed time: Drive away all the minnows, and the whales leave shortly thereafter.

  5. I feel that if Aliens: Fireteam Elite wants to stay relevant then it is seriously going to have to start taking notes from Digital Extreme’s Warframe bc while i don’t hop on to Warframe often the sheer amount of depth and additions that are made always pulls me back out of curiosity

    • Self-replicating whatnot

      If nothing else they should totally steal Warframe’s semi-random map generator.

    • @John Grace I’m talking about specifically what the dev’s can do for the game to maintain relevancy. Idk much about L4D but I assume that it still has a following, not due to any action by valve to alter the game but by the community.

    • -I know that picture…! Aegon Targaryen

    • Warframe is an MMO… it has to be designed for longevity…. AFTE is just a one off coop shooter. They make their money when you buy it. If they want more they’ll make DLC or a sequel.

    • Warframe is awesome and the devs are down to earth and legit real gamers.

  6. the best thing they could do is splitting up the maps into chunks and build a map generator. that way you have “randomly” generated maps and alot more content. Also they wouldnt have to develop an entire map anymore, but map-chunks they could then add to the existing generator….

    or even allow players to create them (:

  7. you forgot yourself talking about “Wargaming”.. even though the company is actually “WarGambling”

  8. I haven’t played any Wg titles in well over a year, or any other game at this point. But I still listen to Jingles every day. Sorry bro unless your content takes a radically different direction you’re stuck me lol

  9. Man
    I’m still pissed about the fact I didn’t get the jingles captain. I took a break from the game just before the campaign started.

  10. On the bright side, Jim Stirling loves your name Jingles.

  11. Maybe they should go TF2, with mods and custom maps keeping it alive, with the occasional campaign released by the developer.

  12. I came here for tanks, stayed for excellent content presentation quality – informative, funny, mature… WoWS is already quite a stretch for me, not to mention those funny shooters. Why not give some time to other tank multiplayer games? WT ground forces is pretty interesting. I just gave Armored Warfare PvP another go, and it is still alive (and has no arty now).

  13. The technician can lob a slow stick onto elites that sticks to them and turns them into walking slow zone. They can also make incendiary turrets that knock down enemies. Their shotgun slot can use a flamethrower as well. Teaming up a technician, Demo, and Gunner, is pretty effective. Gunners can lob grenades at the spitters and groups of enemies. Demos can push and then spray their high damage abilities. Put all three of them together and you have a nigh unstoppable team.

  14. An incentive to repeat campaign maps is there are exclusive weapons that drop only on intense+ difficulties. For example, the excellent Kramer Assault Rifle, or forgot its name, the automatic burst DMR.

  15. I also like how the Activision has been nearly religious in avoiding associations with blizzard, their own owners

  16. ToughAncientSpark

    It was great watching you and Flambass laughing your asses off, screaming like little school girls and generally having fun in a game that wasn’t frustrating to play.

  17. Don’t worry Jingles.

    Angry Turtle doesn’t have bad dreams because he’s just a piece of plastic.

  18. “If you don’t watch the content, there will be less of the content.” Too bad WG doesn’t go by this maxim (ie for CVs and subs.).

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