Mingles with Jingles Episode 398

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Todays’ Mingles is again a recording of the Salt Mines Discord Q&A held on Sunday, featuring special guests Flambass, TCFreer and Masterchief1567. And yes, we’re discussing The Statement from Wargaming, amongst other things.



  1. I don’t even play wargaming titles, I don’t even care about what game your playing to be honest Jingles. Been watching since you were Bohemian Eagle, I’m here to watch and listen to Jingles, not whatever game is on! Thanks for the daily laughs for…well years now.

  2. I always knew that staying up stupidly late would eventually let me see a Jingles video a minute after it went live. Also, imagine referring to Humankind and Civilization as RTS games.

  3. 58 mins of Jingles = very good start to a Monday

  4. Eh, the Old Man figured out how to record everyone’s voice this time. Looks like those War Thunder videos did actually advance us years into the future for this technological achievement

    I’ll be heading back to the mines for a double shift now Overlord

    • There are some very good bots available for Discord recording now. We use one for our podcast (everyone gets a separate recording track as well; makes editing much easier).

  5. Tcfreer is so wholesome. Love that dude.

  6. 2:00 I’m so glad I live in a country where they’re actually illegal

  7. Jingles you should try Sprocket or Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts

  8. Wg said they wouldn’t bring operations to the console version because not enough people play it on pc.

    • If my memory serves, the only one they brought to console was escorting Transylvania (for one Halloween), but they bungled that by making the credit payout subpar and offering no rewards after you get 5 star.

  9. Giuseppe's Gaming - Twinfinite

    “Actually” Jingles, “RTS” Means Real-Time Strategy, which Civilization & Humankind aren’t 😀 They’re turn-based strategy games. 😂 Thoroughly entertaining video as usual for our Monday morning.

  10. Call me cynical but I’ve seen enouygh political spin in the UK over the last twenty years to know when someone is doing the absolute bare minimum to damp down a firestorm without promising to do anything. Sadly this statement reads a lot like that. Doesn’t matter how many senior staff sign off on it, unless action is taken it isn’t worth the pixels it’s written on. And given WG’s very poor record on doing the things they say they’ll do I’ll believe it when I see it. In the mean time I’m having a blast in low tier War Thunder which is something I never thought I’d say after the last time I quit.

  11. Sorry Jingles, the best C&C game is all of’em (Tib wars 4 – Twilight is ignored)

  12. Jingles, you could talk about a wall you painted in your house, and i would listen with 100% attentiveness because you are so dam fascinating to listen to ^.^

  13. A 58 minute Mingles with Jingles is exactly the kind of present I was hoping for for my birthday. I don’t even care that it’s a negative one about Wargambling, I’m just glad to have you bud. Hope you have a swell Monday 🙂

  14. fun fact from my time as a filthy weeb gacha gamer: you’re required, by law, to publish drop rates for games that are going to be published… in China. Also, Jingles, regarding MCM: I believe you’d qualify for a creator pass, which would save you a bunch of cash. Rita has the details of it (I sent her them a few weeks ago).

  15. Cant wait for WG to “mistranslate” the drop-chances in Lootboxes.

    • or nerfing zao finally into the ground, while buffing petropavlov and fdr even more. and then claiming that gamers “missjudged/missunderstood”

  16. Cue the obligatory “actually Jingles”. Diablo II Resurrected (that is what they call it) is indeed the exact same game as the old one, including all the weird game mechanics, but it did not only get the ability to support modern resolutions, but also a graphics makeover. You can even change between old and new graphics instantly in the game. Maybe you played the Beta with the old graphics set active?
    As for RTS games, Age of Empires II Definitive Edition is imo worth it. The original game is over 20 years old, but with the modernisations the latest iteration holds up very well and the community is very much alive as well. Age of Empires IV is also about to come out soon-ish, but my excitement for that one is a bit on the lower side, since it seems like they will ship it unfinished, like most games these days.
    To get into the discussion about the best C&C, my pick would be Tiberian Sun, I just love the eerie atmosphere and I think the campaigns are among the best of the series. Just edging out Generals for me.

  17. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    unfortunately WG’s history says this is all just a load of hot air.

  18. Much of what WeeGee has “committed” to though, costs WeeGee nothing and does literally nothing to actually show they are committed to fixing the relationship between the players and the developer. If, and I take this with a huge pinch of salt from the mines, WeeGee follow through on every thing in that list; it would still only be the least amount of appeasement possible, with the least amount of cost to themselves.

  19. Jingles, I’ve been pretty anxious today because I’m getting married in a few hours. But Mingles with Jingles has really helped distract me for awhile. I appreciate the passion and effort you put into your videos!

  20. Eclipse - World Of Tanks

    Yeah wargaming released the loot box drop rates for the chance of premium tanks but not the actual percentage for specific tank on the box. Its a generic 10% chance for premium tanks in a key card(loot box) rather than breaking the 10% into (1% for skorpion g, 1.5% for a pz v/iv etc etc to make it to 10%)

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