Mingles with Jingles Episode 406

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Another year draws to a close, another round of overhyped and underwhelming Christmas games approaches.



  1. I just wish we had a real Remake of Battlefield 2142, it was a Multiplayer only Bf game I purely loved. cant remember “bad maps” in it and the titan mode was so much fun, and they tried to introduce it back to the new games but it was so sucky experience. the 2142 titans where simple helipads, cargo areas 4 corridors with a objective at the end and then the core in the middle. bamb done… not sure what 2042 brings with it but we will see

  2. Imagine if we had a sid Meier’s pirates 2 almighty jingles

  3. Jingles, may I recommend Helltaker?
    It’s only a half hour of content. It’s completely free on steam
    And I think you’re gonna love it.

    • I second this, though I think Jingles might struggle with the puzzle elements of the game. The theme is excellent and Jingles would get a kick out of it, and it’s free, so it’d be cool to see him give it a go.

  4. Cimitar (The Grumpy Gamer)

    Hi Jingles, are you looking at MICROPROSE Task Force Admiral? I’m unsure when it is due out. Also (and I am also not sure when it comes out) Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnaughts, I think it will be ok if they ever release it with a campaign.

  5. “Breathedge” was funny I want more of that

  6. Jingles. It’s good to have you back.
    I felt for you when I heard your dog died. It hurt. You time off was well deserved, and considering your vacations are often fake you should feel free to take time off whenever you feel warrants it.
    Respectfully these past two months have been the worst I’ve ever endured, mentally and physically. Your absence was felt and your return is welcome.
    Kindly, may I ask a favor. Tell us a long story. More of the flight simulator + old stories will do. Even if you’ve told it before.

  7. Still playing Command & Conquer 2 Red Alert and Age of Empires 2 (age of Kings, definitive edition) ocassionally. Just love the fairly simple mechanics, the retro atmosphere and the voice acting. The music on Red Alert is amazing and brings you right back to the era in which games like these were like magic. It’s like playing a Gunship album. I guess we’re all stuck in our adolescent years I guess, or is that a typical male thing? I remember girls in high school who behaved like adult mothers already and we used to say to them: “Act your age, not your shoe size.”

    • Age of Kings was a fabtastic game. Trenlass released a vid in the last few days of the newest version and it looks gorgeous

    • Yeah I still love Age Of Empires 2 (Not definitive for me I prefer the Graphics and engine of the HD Steam edition). Its one of the few games where I have played all the scenarios and still take it on in Player vs Computer mode. Never could get the hang of Age Of Empires 3 etc – the 3D Graphics and tiny view screen just switched me off.

    • Nununuuuu

    • Nice to see there are a lot more ‘freaks’ (sorry, old Marillion term for fans) like me out there. Thx foir the link @Sardaukar Legion. By the way, has anyone seen Dune in the cinema yet? I can highly reccommend it

    • @Sven Vercammen ik dacht dat de priester in de eerste AOE altijd “lolololo” zei. Geweldig spel. VL of NL/Zeeland?

  8. With regards to games that are not good yet entertain more than they should: can we put Postal on that list? Especially Postal 2. It’s a game that *just* barely manages to stumble across the threshold of basic competence as a game but is so absurd and excessive and gleefully deranged that I can’t despise it. Any game that lets the player urinate on the Taliban can’t be all that bad.

    • Postal 2 is dumbest game I ever enjoyed , and cat silencer …

    • the thing about the postal series is that it falls very much into the “deliberately bad/stupid/ridiculus” category since it started out (and succeeded) as a bash on the whole “video games are needlessly violent/cruel/whatever” discussion by parents and politicians. It just strikes the balance between mechanics, gameplay and the over-the-top story well enough to be really fun and enjoyable imho.

    • Postal was banned so probably not

  9. Hmmm, my ranking goes as follows:
    – My cat
    – My wife
    – the other cat
    And when I trie to be funny, the car goes before my wife.
    So yeah, I get you.
    If I will love my future child just a fraction of how I adore and love my cat. The child shoul have a happy life.

  10. Jingles, IAMs and fish oil supplements did wonders for my cat’s joints – she started struggling at around 15 years but the supplements kept her active right up until she died at 20.

  11. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    I aawww’ed several times while you talked about the geriatric feline accessibility project. if even steps become to hard to walk, ramps made from shelf boards and carpet (search the cut-off bins in your hardware store) may help. also horizontal scratch surfaces are getting more important…
    all the best to the old lady, scratch her behind the ear from me

  12. “Juzi, I am you step-father.”
    “I know, you keep leaving steps all over the place.”

  13. Iustinian Mihail Focşa

    I know a good game that you would like: Riftbreaker. Just released, it needs some polish and some QoL. But the devs listen and are active, so that’s nice. And it has everything, so I ruined my sleep schedule with it.

  14. 16:03 – I have seen the video a few times. It was in the one, where you announced that Boo died.
    Not much of a real gamer, really….I got into the gaming thing, because of family and friends. And ended up finding myself quite alone, struggling at first, but later joined guilds and clans in tanks. I don’t know how many times, I am to say this. I never got in to tanks, because of either tanks, stats or competition. But I had some of these things massed to my face from quite early on. Some players had this need, to claim themselves, as winners, in a marathon where the competition hasn’t even rised from bed yet, but was still fast asleep…! What kind of a winner is that?
    It is a good thing that you think about animals and put them high, in the UK. But are you aware of what cases, we’re talking about here? I bet the children involved have stories you couldn’t even dream of in your worse nightmares…..! We can easily agree that some children are simply brought up to be spoiled, selfish devils demanding everything they want, without even THINKING about, doing an honest piece of work for it.
    Animals don’t lie to you either. They may hide things from you, for example fears of the vet, or something else, but if an animal says “no, leave me alone”, and the first few warnings haven’t been heard, worse they can do is scratch or bite, for cats and dogs anyway
    I still enjoy World of Warcraft. I don’t think that needs very much more saying as to what makes it bad, but to me, it’s the questing and farming… the stories that has been told through the expansions. And tanks. Most people don’t get that if I have such bad experience, why the heck do I keep playing the game? – Because it’s a game I know. I have had enough of climbing up through a game, following other people, grinding through levels or tiers with the only purpose to join those who got me to the game, only to find my self alone on the way, and completely left behind, when I get to a top-point on which I can say; ok, now I’m ready to join you. In World of tanks, I have tanks from tier 1 to tier 10. I know my ways around in Azeroth. Those two games, gives me comfort. It’s things I know. And at least for WoW’s mattering, I give *YOU* ….. a challenge, Jingles. I remember you once said in a video, something along the lines of: “…no, let us just get to kill Sylvanas, don’t make her good again”, something like that. This is imagination, it’s fantacy, but I still dare you to think, if you were in Sylvanas’ place…. how would YOU… have handled the situation? Wouldn’t you have been bitter about getting your soul split apart, and turned into a banshee monster, wanting vengence on those who have done you wrong?
    …Just asking

  15. Jingles! For those of us who are 30 somethings, the new Halo is something to get hyped about. Its looking like its going to be awesome 🙂

  16. Military History Visualized

    wait Grand Theft Auto is 3 years older than my Channel… In my head it is still a “new” game, which I hadn’t got yet.

  17. I’m surprised that you haven’t tried “Mad Max” (yes, the tie-in to Fury Road from 2015). Is it a fantastic game? No. But a lot like “Wildlands” (I’m sorry… “Tom Clancy’s: Ghost Recon: Wildlands”… what a load of unnecessary title and colons), it is entertaining and you get to do a couple of core gameplay loops and upgrade weapons and vehicles. I think you’d enjoy it and us viewers would get a kick out of watching you play it and adding your commentary to it.

  18. “Animals never steal from you…” Oh Jingles, you clearly haven’t tried to keep you food from being eaten by a Laborador or a Spaniel 😂 Also are you and Rita still on good terms?

    • Wait what happened between him and rita?

    • @HEBREW HAMMER They used to live together, now there is a distinct lack of Rita in his house (and her other cat). She used to be his taste tester in the cooking videos on the other channel.

    • @Alistair Evans I know who she was. I just didnt know something happened. To be honest I always thought they were kinda a couple (not like married but just together.)

    • It seems Jingles never had other cats coming through the catflap to “help themselves” to some nice food in the middle of the night.

  19. ApproachDiverging013

    Oi, I had my cat Blue for 17 years. Right about when she turned 8 I noticed the same thing about her mobility and after a vet visit we found out she had arthritis. However a baby aspirin a day helped her live on for 9 more years. She was happy and comfortable until the sun set on her. We still haven’t found a replacement for Blue but we do have a loyal rescue dog and he is every bit loving and kind.

  20. “None that I know of…”
    Jingles – are there more Navy stories you still haven’t told us?

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