Mingles with Jingles Episode 416

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In which I struggle to think of anything to talk about, luckily I can always rely on Wargaming doing something to make one of their games worse.



  1. Unprepared Mingles with Jingles…best kind of Mingles with Jingles 🙂

    Goodmorning Everyone 🙂

  2. “It was only a matter of time until we saw jet aircraft on carriers”

    You missed out ‘again’ quite early on, you know… When aircraft carriers required the player to have more than half a Braincell to use. the US tier 10 had jet interceptors

    But I digress

  3. There is only one way to make your solicitors do their job Jingles, a method called “Chasing, chasing, chasing and some more chasing” To a point where you are so annoying to them they will just bloody do it. Good luck 🙂

  4. Jingles, there’s a good reason why they’re using Canberras- it’s so they can have the russian equivalent when they release the russian supercarrier! If it was historically accurate, the russian equivalent of the buccaneer doesn’t exist because russia never had carriers til, what, the 70’s?

    • They had the Kiev, which was sort of a mongrel ‘aircraft cruiser’ with about a dozen or so short takeoff Yaks on it and the rest was helicopters. The rest was missiles and I think torpedo tubes with a couple of ‘morale +1’ 3″ guns to keep the crew happy. After that was the Minsk, which is the embiggened version of the Kiev with a bit more than 12 jets and about the same helo’s onboard.
      So apart from that and various incarnations up until the 90s the Russians just didn’t into aircraft carriers. I think they had one sort of planned but ‘lol glasnost’ put paid to that

      I mean, if jets are bad you can imagine the shit fiesta that happens when ship to ship missiles become a thing 🙂

    • @Kris Steel “morale +1” 3in guns made me laugh. I mean, historically accurate russian aa should be the ship’s company, all with rifles, lying on the deck firing upward, right?

    • @James Evans considering how impressed the west was with the myriad of gatling guns on a soviet cruiser….

    • @James Evans With the amount of CIWS guns hanging off them, being ‘outside’ would a decidedly sporty endeavour to say the least. More than a few sailors have been yeeted into the afterlife at 6000rpm due to a malfunction as the robot takeover begins.
      Though I can totally imagine them sticking a BMP or self propelled gun on the deck if required 🙂

  5. Jingles over paying the tax man 😂 oh jingles you never change 😋

  6. Be realistic, Jingles: it’s not going to end up being known as “the man cave”. Rather, it’ll be “Akizuki’s lair”…at least on those days where she deigns to allow her staff (aka one gnomish overlord) to use it. 😁

  7. Markus.-Frank. Kumitsch

    Jingles : “No Jet Aircraft in WoT.”
    WoT: “Mhhh, what about Rocket artillery?”

    • @MrKveite1 *Platinum Ammo only available in loot boxes

    • @Aluminumati 147 Something like that, it will go the same direction as WoT..

    • @Aluminumati 147 for Pete’s Sake don’t give them ideas!

    • To hell with an MLRS, we’re going to give you a tomahawk strike consumable, but it will cost you 900 gold per shot. Oh, and the A-10 consumable will be available for the sheepiums as a camo perk

      Edit: or they just put in a katyusha or a couple neibelwurfer sites in, drive your tank up to it, shoot it 7 times with gold ammo to activate the consumable, pop the minimap and rain down hell…

    • @Nunya Bidness And you can also “earn” equipment for the A10 in random bundles included with purchases of $100 and higher

  8. Robeert J Gilliard (chief test pilot) talking about SR-71: “when you’re at speed and altitude remember you’re going faster than the muzzle velocity of a rifle, you’re protected by the laws of physics, this thing can go anywhere it wants with total impunity”.
    WG: write that down!!!

    Edit: Actual quote.

    • That’s a dangerous assumption to make… made by someone that CLEARLY doesn’t understand “lead”. Firing AHEAD of the target to where it’s GOING to be, not where it is.

      Safe from chasers? Sure… safe from anyone with a brain and kentucky windage? Nope.

    • @Hroller McKnutt to be fair, it’s nigh impossible to calculate the lead for a target at 85,000ft moving Mach 3+. You need to intercept that so your missile will needs to move much greater than Mach 4, probably close to Mach 5 to be realistically close to catching a Blackbird.

    • @YRK JRK It’s still not going to be an EASY shot, I’m just saying, don’t be complacent or you’ll quickly find yourself dead, even in the fastest thing on wings.

    • Woth nothing that his quote became obsolete very quickly. The Blackbird wasn’t a stealth aircraft, the Soviets knew it was there every single flight it made. By 1978 the SA-10 could go 2’000mph faster than the Blackbird, so it could catch the aircraft. Even then it didn’t need to, the doctrine was to launch the missile from in front of the aircraft, have it intercept as close to head on as possible and make the Blackbird fly through a cloud of shrapnel coming at it at 5’000mph+. It was never (as far as we know) put to the test, the Blackbirds in Europe stayed in NATO airspace, they could see all the way to the Ural mountains from the Baltic sea. Which is nuts.

  9. So glad I live in small town USA, my banker has done the paperwork side of home buying a couple of times! Each party agrees n stuff done!! Keep up the great content Admiral!!! 😁

  10. It is also weird that planes can take off directly at the start of the battle, not having to get lifted on deck, getting fuel or weapons before taking off or to warm up the engines. As if they were the only class informed that there is a battle ahead but does not like to share it to other ships -_-

    • @pnutz 2 my personal record was 56… was in a QE running secondary build and an AA signal against double rangers, the fool CVs just kept feeding me planes all fight

    • @Nunya Bidness good thing yours was all game, mine was the lone enemy cv at the end of the match finding me before the DDs, it was fun at first but then they just kept coming and coming and coming…

    • @Spyder Also back in the day, were an AA cruiser was an AA cruiser

    • @pnutz 2 been there. many times… meh, life’s imperfect when you’re at 2000 feet, unforgiving at sea level

    • Yeah for all people talking about how OP cvs used to be before the rework, cycling planes was much slower, AAA used to work, you could run out of planes and if the cv got caught even by a dd it was toast (remember killing more than a few with a dd) fires would also stop cvs launching planes, no rocket planes so killing a dd as a cv took alot of skill/luck. And the cv could at least try to use its fighters to defend their team mates.

  11. That’s fantastic that you are getting the money back jingles and right when you need it as well. It’s like people say, good things come to those who wait! And spend 10 years paying off their debt! Really pleased for you mate, well done!

  12. You might be mistaken Jingles with this one… AA fire is a separate action to main gun firing. I don’t think you can have sailors on deck manning the AA guns while 16″ guns fire next to them …

  13. I was in the closed beta (2015) and I’ve only just started playing CV. I’m finding them very unrewarding so far. Playing in the Parseval against T9/10 is frustrating. Of course I’m new to CV so maybe I will get better.

  14. I think the only way Wargaming is going to pay attention to how broken aircraft carriers are is for everyone to only play carriers. “Is this what you wanted!? Is it!?”

  15. Besides the Blackburn Buccaneer, the Supermarine Scimitar would have been an excellent choice as well. Becuase one, it’s a early jet naval bomber, two, it’s a bit older than the Buccaneer so it might fit the game better, and three, it was used on HMS Hermes. Yeah, it was used on the ship we are getting in the game, as an actual naval bomber, yeah I also don’t get why weegee went with the canberra.

  16. Jingles gives new meaning to the term “Triple Threat”.

  17. Jingles: there are no jet aircraft in world of tanks, obviously. EBR: hold my croissant

  18. Cant wait for Trafalgar class, Los Angeles class and Akula-class attack submarines LOL. Another great vid take care matey

  19. When Jingles first mentioned the tax cheque I instantly thought “Here comes a Jimmy Carr moment” and it turned out to be so much better. Newb gamer meet newb lifer. As far as the Canberra bomber goes, WG probably couldn’t get licensing for any appropriate aircraft.

  20. Jingles, remember about the man cave: cats love caves too. They’re going to slink around any basement you have making noises and knocking things over

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