Mingles with Jingles Episode 418

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In which we talk about the latest bug in World of Warships, I address the “Pile of Shame” of unbuilt models on my shelves, talk about how tell when someone’s being a dick in in-game chat, and explain why I don’t have or need a TV licence.



  1. Wow’s own powercreep basically became so massive that it started interfering with the basic game’s code. Let that sink in.

    Besides, I’m pretty sure this problem was pointed to WG something like a… year ago or so?

  2. Wargaming is like the company I currently work for – we use really old servers but pile on modern systems mixed with old systems. The hardware buckles most of the time but IT keeps it going by the skin of it’s teeth.

    • In the office: “Oh, the systems slowed down again, might perk up later”
      In the server room: “It’s caught fire again! Crank the cooling system right down and divert through the temp servers!”
      Temp servers: “Hey mate, your desktops making that turbine noise again, what causes that?”
      “No idea, but I might as well go to lunch, ain’t doing a thing on this piece of crap now”

    • I do hope you have an archive plan otherwise you fff’d.

    • There is an old, funy Dilbert skitt about this. Dilbert is “promoted” to supervisor for the company’s old servers.
      He’s not pleasantly surprised when he gets there.

    • not unlike the ISPs here… They will happily take $80 / mo for 10mb service, but the DSL lines that were installed in 2002 can’t carry more than 2.3mb. So they charge you for services that cannot be provided by the limitation of the infrastructure.

    • Almost every company, government agency and university has the exact same scenario. It comes with the territory of IT systems, You often end up with machines which do something but no one knows where it physically is or what the credentials are because the person who made and managed it over the past 10 years has left.

  3. One old vet to another, “Sir enjoy giving them hell” as you instruct them on the art of non reproduction efforts. 😉

  4. 13:45
    If you do not know that tank, it would be perfectly believable that it is a wh40k model.

  5. “Strategic Styrene Reserve” that is an excellent term and I am going to use it.

  6. My roommate’s are “smashing” in their room and I’m in mine listening to an old man talk about life and stuff, what a time to be alive

  7. Andys model and stuff

    Back from Home Guard duty, lets get timestamped:

    00:00 Hi all!
    00:12 New old bug in WoWS
    12:02 Questions from the Salt Mine Discord server
    12:22 Model kits in the pile of same what do you got? Also Workshop wednesday is returning confirmed! <3
    17:10 What degree of banter is OK in in-game chat?
    19:02 Do you watch "Warships: Life at sea", and birtish TV-laws
    21:30 That's all folks!

  8. When I first visited the UK a quarter of a century ago, I learned about the whole TV license thing. While it didn’t affect me, living in a small room as a poor student without the space for a TV which at the time were still CRTs, I did find it annoying and hard to comprehend how such a thing was…a thing. Perhaps I even made fun of the whole thing. Why would the British accept to pay such a ludicrous fee?
    Being much younger and far more stupid, I thought we had it far better here in Greece where we don’t have a TV license. If I want to have a TV I will have a TV or 2 or 10 and not have a single TV license fee because obviously everything here is so much better!
    Yes, very very stupid. You see while technically we didn’t have such thing as TV license, and we still don’t, we do have an extra fee which is part of the electricity bill, to fund the state media. Our very own “BBC”. Unlike the British, we cannot not pay it as it is part of the whole bill and you can’t pay part of the bill. So, whether you have a TV or not, whether you watch/listen to state media, you are forced to pay this fee.
    While it’s a small amount of money, it’s the principle of the thing which annoys me.
    I almost wish we had a TV license thing going on lol.

    • it doesn’t really matter. at the bottom of it, both are just taxes, and the only difference is how the taxes are harvested. the english one is just more inconvenient to everyone, the upside being the illusion that you can be “free” from government practices.

    • In Canada the CBC received Tax Dollars to operate. I love the Radio side of the services as the ONLY ads permitted are by Political Parties DURING Elections! There is a great focus on producing Canadian Programing aimed directly at Canadians.

      CBC TV get both Tax Dollars and Ad money. The other broadcasters complain because they see it as an unfair advantage. My one hope is that they produce more Canadian Content then other broadcasters are required to do. I would like to see CBC TV operate more like the Radio Service, with limited Ads and near 100% Canadian Content.

  9. Hey Jingles. Here’s a little trick – if you call it the “pile of opportunity” you no longer feel bad about it growing 🙂

  10. Regarding the question about in game chat, I have always taken the view that if something has been said to me that can be taken in two ways and one of them is offensive, then it was meant the other way. And as for the whole TV license thing, go have a nosey at the Blackbelt Barrister youtube channel, he explains it very well over a couple of videos, including when you do and don’t need a license and what to do when they inevitably turn up at your door.

  11. I remember giving well meaning advice on world of tanks when I played. Always had to clarify I wasn’t trying to be an ass just help their performance next time i.e. what hull down means or how to angle/sidescrape armor. My favorite was explaining to a player that HE ammo wasn’t the best just because the damage numbers where higher…he was playing the M103

  12. I’m ‘proud’ to say that my Pile of Shame doesn’t take a lot of space – though half a gigabyte of ready-to-go 3d printer files does add up to a *lot* of projects…

  13. The Saint Louis already had this problem with it’s 14 guns and 4 second reload, so in that case, the problem was always there, it just wasn’t seen as a priority

  14. The TV licence is basically just for “Live” TV on any channel, Paul . . . if you don’t watch or record any live tv yourself, as in any live sports, live news, – as I said anything which is showing live at that time, then you don’t need one. Pre-recorded sports, progs, docs, soaps, films, etc, that they show usually aren’t live so you’re okay to watch them anyway without having one as I sometimes do . . . it’s just that there’s not really that much on TV to watch these days apart from a lot of the celebrity or reality crap stuff . . .

    • Except for BBC iPlayer, which is licence fee…

    • If you have the capability to watch live tv in any shape or form, good luck proving that you never have.

    • @gram40
      You don’t need to prove you didn’t, the inspectors need to prove you did.

    • @PhoenixSc – Yep – jusdt don’t watch any live stuff on it if they can see your TV through a window or such like . . . And don’t let them in your home either – as they’re just salespeople really who will do what they can to earn some commission . . . If there’s no police or warrant – they can’t get in legally unless you let them come in . . . !

  15. The stack of model kits right next to an M1 helmet makes me feel at home Jingles. Cheers from across the pond.

  16. Looking forward to the Workshop Wednesdays after this episode of Mingles with Jingles!

  17. “we noticed you don’t have a pilot’s licence.”

    “Yes that’s true.”

    “We would like to check your garage to make sure you aren’t illegally flying.”

  18. 11:53 – we’ll let this one go… too funny, but I am sympathetic (yes, I know shocking) to WG on this one. I have made my life writing software for a very long time. Some of the most difficult issues occur when one group implements something that completely trashes your area. To be completely straight – WG should have running regression tests monitoring stuff like this. It should not be an oh shit moment. They should have seen this coming.

  19. The state television in Norway, pulled a rather funny April fool’s day joke on the population, some time ago. When there was
    only a couple of channels available through the state, and people were, perhaps, a little less tech-savy than most are today.

    They announced on TV, (being the state TV), that they had developed the technology to determine who was watching TV without
    paying the required licens. As a result every TV belonging to such a person, would on a specific time and date, go blank. It would
    only show black.
    Well… on that time and date, it did! Every unlicenced TV showed only black.
    This saw many (most?) people who had “forgotten” to pay for the licens, calling the appropriate phone number, admitting as much.

    But of course, every TV, licensed or not, showed the same blank image. The broadcasted signal, was simply a black screen…

  20. I appreciate you taking the time to explain how (what I always just called ‘Lag’) works in these damned games. It forever confused (and ticked me off), that an enemy would appear with at LEAST the full length of their ship (in WoW), PAST THE ISLAND, before I actually saw them, and could fire. I’ve always just attributed it to my utter suck of an internet connection (with a *BLAZING* 750kbs DL speed).
    Learnt somethin’ new! My work today has been concluded! 🙂
    I feel bad for you folks in the U.K. who have to live under the BS your assorted Govt. entities seem to enjoy shoveling down y’all s throats/minds/eyes and ears, Jingles. Here in the States (at least, so far as anyone’s willing to push it?), some fool in a uniform and shiny little badge of as*hattery/tyranny/corruption/racketeering and/or extortion shows up at MY door, demanding entry into my residence because they THINK something’s going on inside?
    Yeah, I’ll be happily introducing THEM to my 1st Amendment ‘Freedom of Speech’, and as a USMC Veteran, and a REAL B*tch (when the need arises?), I doubt any of these pasty-faced egotistical little ‘Feelings Policia’ will survive that experience!

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