Mingles with Jingles Episode 419

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  1. I’ve been watching your Mingles with Jingles videos since episode like 30 something (I took a break from your channel for a bit), I still love the content. Keep it up

  2. TWWH3 is a great game, but:
    – the UI needs redesigning- everything is red
    – the Campaign forces you to play a certain way

    MP with more people is quite enjoyable, since you can micromanage the bountifull battles together because autoresolve is harsh sometimes
    i would rate it 8/10 with room to skyrocket once (Im)mortal empire releases

  3. Andys model and stuff

    Todays timestamps:

    00:00 Nordpass Sponsorship
    01:44 Warhammer Total War
    13:14 TV- license, setting things straight
    19:44 Horizon Forbidden West
    20:13 Do you read/ recomend fiction books?

    No jokes on my part today, got Covid yesterday so I’m not in the best of shape. Thanks for providing some relieve and entertainment Jingles, stay safe everyone!

  4. Jingles: “The BBC is politically neutral”
    Me: Lol you should see the shit BBC Scotland get up to.

    • @George keech oh of course, I’d go as far to say that it’s impossible to 100% remove all bias. But some bias (whether it’s in the media or the people criticising the media) has evidence, while the opposite ‘side’ isn’t.

      I would however disagree with Jingles about them being the least Bias network out there. Hell even the head of the BBC disagrees and admitted they’re quite bias and needed to implement policy to sort that out.

    • @Chiken licking but how can there current director say they are bias when they where appointed by the current government? Do you see what I’m saying the director is saying they are too left slanting everyone else is saying the opposite

    • It also gets financial gifts. Gates gave them money.

    • @George keech It is true that news agencies have biases, in fact they always did. But what news agencies need to do is to give the facts, not hide some, not pick and chose those facts they present. They also need to show news that may not fit their biases but is still news worthy. They need to be less opinionated, instead presenting various possibilities and sides. But a lot of the news today is news that aims to convince people to believe something for the news agencies agenda, its propaganda and it is not intended, in fact its meant not to edify the public in a way where the public can make up its own opinion. They use got ya terms, highly inflammatory that don’t apply to the people or things they are reporting on or words that are code for other things. Worse I have seen news companies flat out lie.

      I grew up in an era that the news had far more integrity than it does today. That tried to present the news in a more even handed manner. It was also a more educated, it got its facts straight and was hard to assail for being slopy or biased, and when it was it was pointed out and there were consequences. But now a lot of news is made up, or dressed up to look like something it is not, many news agencies have lost their credibility. When I in the course of my everyday activates I can clearly see that something on the news is untrue it tells me to be very suspicious of anything else that news agency says, and I think that is true for how most people see the news today.

    • @Scott Perry I agree but would say this is something that is not even just the news. In your everyday working life you see crap which is either not true or clearly one sided (like saying how if you try really hard you can be anything you want to be) – Clearly people who are starving just don’t try hard enough.

      I suppose my point is we live in a society of polarisation. Gone are the days of things being complex and nuanced. its either something is wrong or they are not. Which is not a world I think we should have (although maybe one we deserve)

  5. This video is the favourite part of Monday I look forward to.

  6. The TV license was, at least originally, a Broadcast Reception License. In the olden days, when I was a magistrate, many people tried to claim that they did not need a license, because they only watched videos. Back in those days the rule was that if your TV or radio “could” receive broadcasts, then you needed a license even if you didn’t watch any broadcasts.

    Now since the advent of streaming et al, those rules have doubtless been changed and modified to include streaming services. As you say, one needs to read and understand the rules carefully, and then be prepared to go to court if you need to to defend your position.

    • In Germany they adopted. Where in the old days you need to have a radio or a TV to need to pay for a license (even if you would just look videos with it) they widened it. Now a internet connection is enough. As this is making you able to watch them.
      Beside the fact that it is still not clear if those licenses are legal.

    • @Loeffel I’m fairly certain the BVG ruled that they were legal a few years ago. I’m still adamant it’s bullshit but I doubt we’ll be rid of this nonsense any time soon.

    • @Micsmit 45 That’s the problem, they wanted to, but in the last second our famous never changing his mind guy from Bayern decided to vote against it. So the only thing they could decide that the charges wouldn’t go up, but the status didn’t change.
      And yes it is total bullshit. Especially were they make nearly as much advertisement as the others these days. The radio services for a long time and one year SWR3 didn’t got any money from the pool, because they got too much money from advertisements.

    • @Loeffel I recently started working for Carglass and we usually listen to NDR2. They play like two songs followed by at least five ads it feels like (and of course at least one of thos has to be for Carglass just to make sure I’ll never get that jingle out of my head 😂)I feel like if the ÖRR didn’t have any ads it would be a different deal entirely, but like this? It’s a massive rip off

    • I was stationed in England back in the early ’80s when ITN started. Back then, we had to have a Broadcast Reception License, but being on a RAF base, that was taken care of. This was also applied to using your TV to watch VHS videos or using your TV as a Computer monitor. Now you know how ancient I am.

  7. 21:03 DAMN RIGHT! Reynolds is awesome! And if you’re an audible bod (and I am) John Lee does an AMAZING job of reading them.

  8. BBC easily most independet broadcaster in the world, says the man evidently unfamiliar with public broadcasters outside the UK.

  9. Hi Jingles, a quick tip with Cathay and keeping Yin and Yang in Balance:

    When you select a settlement, you can use the building browser at the bottom of the screen to select and swap your economy buildings between Yin and Yang whilst keeping the original level of the building, you don’t have to demolish and rebuild every single time. Hope this helps

  10. The IT crowd is one of the best comedies ever.

  11. Procrastinating Gamer

    There’s a good sci-fi novel series I’ve been following for a few years now that’s an interesting read – Starship’s Mage. Take a hard sci-fi setting like the Expanse – no faster-than-light travel or communication technology, no artificial gravity technology, etc, but then have magic be discovered at some point between the present and when the books are set. Starships don’t have a faster-than-light drive but their Jump Mage can teleport the ship up to a light year at a time with the aid of a massive runic matrix running through the whole hull. Artificial gravity runes can be added to floors but they need to be kept charged (and Jump Mages spend a good chunk of the trip passed out in their quarters sleeping off the last jump spell so aren’t really in a condition to be going through every single deck recharging the runes every few days).

    The author, Glynn Stewart, does a good job thinking through the ramifications of the stuff he introduces. To go back to the gravity runes thing – most commercial ships only have one Jump Mage on board, they’re also usually the only mage of any training on board. So the only rooms to get gravity runes are going to be the places he’s spending most of his time awake – so his quarters and a workshop where he runs the calculations for the next jump. But on a Royal Martian Navy vessel it’s another story. You’ve got *lots* of mages aboard one of those; a good chunk of the officers, Royal Marine detachments, probably a fair chunk of the non-officers too. And it doesn’t take any specialised training to recharge gravity runes so those ships will have artificial gravity on every deck. Gravity runes which also double as inertial dampeners – an RMN ship can be accelerating at up to 15gs before anyone on board is going to feel it. Any ship that isn’t runed up like that is going to be limited to only about 3gs before they start risking strokes among the crew (there’s no equivalent to the Juice from the Expanse).

  12. “Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! and Milk for the Cornflakes!”
    That what i needed to hear first thing on a Monday Morning.
    Thank You Good Sir!

  13. I recently watched Sebastian Stan’s go at Hot Ones and “The Martian” was mentioned. It feels like yesterday that I remember Jingles talking about the then announced movie since he had read the book. I’m looking at the IMDB cast listing and there’s some names that were unfamiliar to me when it came out in 2015. I didn’t know who Mackenzie Davis was until I saw her in “Tully” with Charlize Theron but apparently she’s in it.

  14. 25:58 and then we have the german model:
    – funded by a similar license (but you always have to pay for it, because its dependent if you have a house/apartment/car (in case you live in a car))
    although interestingly enough, one person went to court because he wanted to pay it in cash, and won (and because of that they rather don’t want him to pay at all instead of actually paying in cash)
    – has ads (although way not as many as USA’s media)
    – because of some reason most chief editors are also in organization which are part (directly or indirectly) part of NATO

    • If I remember correctly he still had to pay by depositing his cash at a bank as some kind of money transfer.

    • No no … Not “license” … please use the correct term for it …tax! 🤬 When you are **required** to pay for something without your say into it. Its a tax, simple as that.

      I do not even watch TV, do not listen to German news, Radio etc. And here comes the fying 17 Euro TAX every month ( well, every 3 months when they send me a reminder to pay, hey, you waste me money, i waste your money to remind me to pay! ). O you have internet, you need to pay! But … i do not even watch anything that your “service” offers.

      That 17 Euro can get me Spotify and Netflix, way better services then what national television tends to throw out.

      What is next? Maybe other companies suing the government and stating they also want to require a license because people “”may”” actually consume their product?

      Worst part about it, is that they are making so much money, that they did not even know how to spend it. Because 80m / households * 17 Euro per month = a shitload of money every year.

  15. Having trouble running Nurgle, Jingles? Well, give him time, he’ll grow on you.

  16. Loving Warhammer 3, best one so far as far as opening faction feel. I especially like the three co op campain options

  17. Was watching and listening and the part at 13:00; I can say with confidence I was not prepared for that sight. Had to rewind the video to hear what Jingles was saying since my brain misfired the first time.

  18. Iain M Banks. The best SF writer of them all, to my mind, though he’s been dead a few years. His Culture is the inspiration for some of the odd names Elon Musk uses for his burgeoning space empire. Banks also wrote “straight” fiction as plain Iain Banks (no middle initial), much of which is downright disturbing. His first was “The Wasp Factory”, which will make you doubt where or if the Sun comes up. Utterly recommended.

  19. Regarding the television licence, we have a very similar thing with our SVT(Sweden television service(Sveriges television)) channels. It required those who had a connection to the TV network to pay a fee every year. However, some people, just didn’t pay. There were different claims to why they didn’t have to but two or three years ago the politicians decided to add the fee as a form of tax(or something similar to that). Bottomline being, everyone that has an income that is taxable, now pays for that licence. It is a different way of doing things but not necessarily a better way. Ohh well what do I know, back to mining salt.

  20. Jingles, The IT Crowd is great Site-Com. I like to see Moss as tank commander “Ooh! Fore! I mean “Five!” I mean “Fire!”

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