Mingles with Jingles Episode 420

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Here’s how you can donate to relief organisations helping Ukrainian refugees.

British Red Cross: https://donate.redcross.org.uk/appeal/ukraine-crisis-appeal
#HelpUkraineEmergencvyAppeal: https://www.gofundme.com/f/helpukraine?qid=546c25e9bfc9c469b7f7a57691d3d7c4


  1. Well done, Jingle. People need your calm voice. But keep your eye on things. The invasion is not going well for Putin, he is getting crushed by sanctions, and he will get increasingly desperate and irrational.

    Wargaming is a Cypriot company, but its main officers are in Kiev where the bulk of its employees are.

    • It’s also owned by a Russian who will pay his taxes in Russia….

    • @Tom Riley He’s resident of Cyprus. He doesn’t pay taxes in Russia. Russia doesn’t tax citizens on global income, unlike the US. In fact, very few countries (only 6) tax their citizens on global income.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      Russia will still win the military war , but lose overall. With thousands of people having died needlessly and hundreds of thousands having their lives ruined or driven from the home or losing all their wealth to inflation or destruction…. phyrric to the boot

    • Is he getting crushed by sanctions? I doubt it, he will just take it out of his people. Is the military campaign going badly? I doubt it. The russians are playing with kid gloves on. This is just a short term thing.

    • @Andrew Harrison And it has an office with 550 staff in Kyiv. Wargaming have PUBLICALLY come out against this invasion, and the twat that spoke up for Russia has been removed.

  2. I seem to remember a certain historic situation where a dictator “peacefully integrated” parts of their neighbours and the diplomatic “peace in our time” approach led to some rather unpleasant consequenses. Not drawing any conclusions here but there are some striking similarities.

    • MonkeyoftheSmack419

      @Othurin no reason to disparage a comparison when we all should be united over the wrong being done . Not which comparison made seems more right in one’s minds eye compared to another . This is what politicians want and desire ,us plebes discussing and arguing over semantics ,not the jist of what’s actually happening ,and going on .

    • @Othurin we’re talking about his habit of nibbling at his neighbours to test the west’s reactions, and the totally predictable Munich-like politics of appeasement he gets in return. With the same predictable results a 12 years old with a History textbook could foresee.
      Not his ideology, get a grip of yourself please.

    • @Bishop To me comparing an oriental leader hostile to the west attacking his neighbours to another oriental leader hostile to the west attacking his neighbours makes more sense than the catch-all bad guy being used as ever. Russian leaders have a tradition of this. Stalin in both Finland and Poland. Later Soviet leaders in Hungary, Chechnya, Afghanistan.

      Munich was maybe a relevant factor in 2014 but now all kinds of European countries are sending weapons to combat Russia. Unless you’re arguing for actual armed intervention by NATO, which would be an extreme escalation and sadly unfeasible because of nuclear weapons, there is really not much more to be done than what is being done at the moment.

    • @Othurin but i agree with you (on your second paragraph anyway) : much stronger action should have been taken in 2008 and 2014. Even sooner if you take Chechnya into account. And the direness of today’s situation is a direct result of that.
      Just saying, we don’t have to fight over which historical arsehole he can be compared to, for all i know he’s just a generic dictator with no ideology other than Putinism.

    • @Othurin IIRC Stalin didn’t bother with any pretext of protecting minorities or used false flag operations.

  3. Precise accurate and informative breakdown of this escalation of events in the Ukraine-Russia situation..👍

    • Well not entirely accurate… WeeGee pays its dividends to its owner who pays tax on them… in russia…

    • Also Gajin has had controversies surrounding sponsoring pro-Russian separatists. It’s not that far-fetched they might support the actual invasion too, if not directly.

    • precise my ass, he forgot to mention that nato is just as guilty of starting wars as russia, and for 100x stupider reasons. nato invaded iraq for alleged wmd’s, and after a month of bombing residential neighbourhoods it found nothing, while russia is at least doing it to protect its borders from “defensive” nato permanent bases.

    • @SteveOwnsMC132 But because those religious fanatics and authoritarian dictators has started this bullsht on their people and to us western nations that not only NATO but other nations have to protect its economic borders etc. so they have to react you ape. Plus the iraqi war was reasoned by an UN resololution so take that. Peace

    • @SteveOwnsMC132 I’m talking about jingles views on this conflict not iraq..or the Second World War or the million other conflicts in history..

  4. “See how stupid it all is”

    Welcome to Geo-Politics.

    It starts to makes sense why human after human, culture after culture, society after society starts looking for a ‘strong leader’ to take away all their problems.

    Usually they fail and have to figure things out an their own the hard way.
    Rarely they get lucky and get led into a Golden Age

    Sometimes they get exactly what they want…

    …and hopefully now we all see where that gets us.

    • Ironically, the best ‘strong leaders’ would be the ones that don’t scheme and plot to be the strong leaders. Because, you know, they actually care about people.

  5. Hungary and Slovakia also opened their borders. Hungary has already accepted 80k refugees.

  6. I hope Ukraine gets through this. I have deep respect for Ukrainians, during the Finnish-Soviet Winter war there was actually Ukrainian volunteers, who made up into regiment of about 850 strong by the end of the war, who came to fight alongside the Finnish against the Soviet aggression while at the same time on soviet side there were Ukrainian troops drafted from the soviet Ukraine, namely the 44th rifle division.

    Think about that. That’s like a group Austrians post-anschluss going to join as volunteer fighters against Nazi Germany in Poland. I’m sad that not many people today even know about these Ukrainian volunteers.

  7. Jingles: “The rest of the world won’t stand for this!” (Cough cough China)

    • China has an agressive expansion politics as well. So they basically will always acknowledge every other agressive expansion war (that does not concern “their” territory) as legitimate.

    • I half expect China to make a grab for some Russian land in the Siberian area while this is going on.

    • @Capt Bumbler Not yet but considering that to compensate for EU and US sanctions against Russia, they offered Putin a 500 billion lease over 30 years for gas and tech (under market price of course…), they already have made a bargain out of it, underpaying Russia and making themselves stronger in the process, Russia was scammed by China but they just don’t know it yet… Whatever happens, China will win a lot and Russia will lose everything. China plays the long game to become the uber superpower (however signs of cracks already appear in China’s economy, si they might as well crumble under their own weight sooner than expected) To paraphrase Mao, China’s imperialism is a paper tiger.

    • The way China is looking at Taiwan right now, you know why they didn’t do anything.

    • @Capt Bumbler 6k+ nukes and the infrastructure to build more says no.

  8. Raymond Reynolds jnr

    Jingles for pm lol. my heart goes out to Ukraine and its brave people also to the brave Russians that are protesting and or speaking out against the war. Also thank you for explaining the wargameing thing I had boycotted the game but think I’ll play again now the way you have explained it

  9. Lithuania had Red Cross campaign to collect the most essential goods for ukranians (clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, etc). After a single day they had to stop collecting the goods because people donated 50 full trucks of goods, and they don’t have any more trucks to deliver the goods. So at the moment they temporarily stopped (will resume after these trucks deliver the goods and come back to Lithuania)

  10. Large amounts of natural gas were also found in ukraine and off the coast of Crimea right before the invasion in 2014. Thought was that Ukraine once an infrastructure was established, Russia would be replaced by them as the suppliers for Europe.

  11. Thank you for this video Jingles. I’m from Poland and live about 100miles away from the Ukrainian border. We are sending truck after truck of supplies, both military and humanitarian to help these people. The refugees especially need all the help they can get. So many kids… some elderly people (most of them stayed deciding they would rather die defending their homes)… We as a country and as a people are doing all we can, but they need more than we can give on our own.
    To everybody who has helped, or is going to help, thank you.
    And to finish this off, a now classic quote of this whole clusterfuck:
    “Russian navy warship… Idi nahuj!” 🙂

  12. Thank you, Jingles. You proved again that you are great man. And I mean it – great man.
    As someone who understands quite a bit in current situation (I am from Georgia and I also speak Russian fluently to watch their stats), I confirm that all the things you said are correct.
    Also if you can and if you are interested talk a bit more about Georgian war I 2008 and Ukraine in 2014.
    Thank you very much again and all the best to Ukrainian heroes! Georgian people are with you!

  13. Hello from Romania, I feel you Jingles, we share the longest border with Ukraine and the same abusive history with Russia. The reality is that most of the Russians truly believe and support the actions of their politicians and army.

  14. mr. jingles, you have always been, for me, a source of great entertainment, but also a fountain of helpful information and wisdom. this 21 year old turk is grateful that he could grow up with your channel. i wish all ukranian people best of luck. i urge everyone to please donate whatever you’re comfortable with to help!

  15. Self-replicating whatnot

    I live in Russia, and the experience of the last few days was quite surreal. First thing i know is our “peacekeepers” (honk honk) are advancing over the border to secure the two contested regions, and simultaneously every high tech product is now twice as expensive. Took a while to pick my jaw up from the floor, only for the news to come in that half the f**n country of Ukraine, capital very much included, is being arty’d and airstriked. I go “oh for f*ck’s sake, so much for peacekeeping” and stop watching the news until today – my government’s relentless jackassery long since stopped being amusing, it very much seems like they live in some parallel world to the common populace.
    Now the latest hotness is that russian army is apparently suffered heavy losses, stalled, is in disarray and some sort of negotiations are called? okface.jpg
    I wish i lived on Mars insted.

    • Its not your fault ,, the people of Russia are as much victims of this mad man as the country hes just invaded.
      You guys need to voice your protests ,, have this man recall his troops or step down to be replaced by someone who isnt as mad as a march hare!.
      No one wants Wars ,, there an outdated concept in the modern world & only the truly mad would want this.

    • I feel for you, and, while I don’t think your are to be blamed for all this, you, guys (the every day Russians) have a level of responsibility since no government can function without the support of its population… Putin does all this because he know that there is, still, a large majority of Russians supporting him… You guys have the power (of numbers) and responsibility to remove from office any leader that does not act according to your interests and beliefs…

    • @Alin Meleandra you are not wrong but do you remember what happens to those protesting or even take serious political and or investigative action against putin? they have a bad habit of dieing or being sent to prison under very peculiar circumstances.

    • The Full Irish Garry

      you can not anymore , stand at the side and say nothing the Russian people can do about Adolf Putin …
      as an Irishman and old enough to remember armed troops on the streets of a major city on my island , Colonialism DOES NOT WORK , and never will
      get your troops out of Glorious Ukraine , not your land , not your people ,
      away back with ye ,

    • I feel sorry for you and the Russian people who are not supporting this war or leader. You are unfortunately the ones who will pay for it with the sanctions. Wish you all the best in what’s going to be a tough time ahead.

  16. Supported through the Australian Red Cross but well done Sir for doing this and your eloquent summation of the facts. Let us hope that Putin, who has now mobilised his Nuclear units, doesn’t decide to use them. May there be someone with sense (or even self preservation) in the Russian hierarchy to see where this man is heading his country and do something.

  17. No apology required. a well delivered ,clear and infornative presentation. hopefully a resolution is iminent.

  18. I really appreciate this MWJ episode for its insight into, well, everything that was mentioned. As unfortunate as a video like this is, this was my favourite MWJ episode to date, even if it wasn’t “entertaining” per se.

  19. Well actually Jingles, when we Swedes invaded Russia in 1708 it was a war started by the Russians, Danes, Poles and Saxons it just ended being so that we “defended” our way all the way down to Poltava in the Ukraine. All jokes aside this is very bad and the Ukraine needs help. Good informative video as always.

  20. Putin succeeded in something incredible. Never the whole of Europe was so united. The Fins and Swedes are (very likely) to join NATO. And the push for renewables will be incredible in the coming future. The only downside is, Europe needed a bloody shooting war for that.

    On that cheery note; Slava Ukraini!

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