Mingles with Jingles Episode 422

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I have some good news, which is sort of also bad news.



  1. Good morning jingles, and congratulations on the new place!

  2. Congratulations on the new house Jingles!

  3. Turns out exploiting the salt mines by refusing to pay them has played off. Congrats on being able to hang your business management degree on a wall you own!

  4. For those who don’t know: The actor who played Apollo in the Battlestar Galactica remake also had to take lessons to speak in an American accent.

    • Yeah I didn’t realize that Jamie Bamber was British (he was born in Hammersmith).

      More funny is that Tom Holland sometimes accidentally drops into an American accent because he uses it so much. For instance, he did this line running exercise on Graham Norton several years ago and he did the whole thing as an American. When he was done, someone next to him on the couch pointed it out.

    • @Trifler, great to meet another BSG fan out in the wild. Are you enjoying the BSG wordles on the subreddit? They are a blast.

    • @Abhijeet Sutar I’m not familiar with them. I don’t use reddit, so that’s probably why. I’ve read there’s potentially more BSG content (all new actors) in the works. I hoping it’s good.

  5. Congratulations Jingles, I hope you will enjoy every little moment in your own place from now on 🙂

  6. Andys model and stuff

    00:00 Howdy folks!
    00:13 House update, things have happened!
    05:30 Dumb shit Rita said
    08:09 Email from Dubai, sadly arriving 8 years to late :/
    13:30 Generation gap; shit talking

    Have a good one!

  7. So glad for you and the furry family!!! Hope the animals do good with the extra space to run around! Does the place still have an outside area so they still get some outside time?? We will all be waiting for the updates!!

  8. Bill_nye_the_russianspy _

    Congrats Jingles! We bought our first home a few years ago and it really feels like a accomplishment. Good luck and enjoy your new home!

  9. Good luck with the move, old man. Just toss us a notice when the regular schedule becomes irregular, so we’re not caught completely off guard

  10. In my lifetime I have owned five homes, many rentals, and at least a dozen cars and motorcycles, so I know how you feel Jingles. Divorced now for seven years finished raising my kids, and I am finally back on my feet at 61 years old. I retirer end of April and have just bought what should be my last property for my off-grid cabin in the mountain-covered forests of the state of Oregon USA that I always wanted as a kid. At my age, it won’t be easy but I will do it and enjoy it for whatever time I have left in this world. Good luck, Jingles and enjoy your new home.

  11. Congrats on securing the place, Jingles.

    Nice to be reminded that owning a house isn’t a complete fantasy XD

  12. Re: Devaluing the new house by making changes: That only matters IF you plan on selling it. It’s YOUR home, let it suit YOU and don’t worry about what someone might think about it in 30 or 40 years.

  13. Have a great day Jingles! We are looking forward to your adventures of the big move!!!

  14. Charles Nicholaides

    Jingles: *reads e-mail*
    Godzilla: *has stroke while listening, trying to comprehend what the writer of the e-mail was trying to say*

  15. Or he’s old and crap. Take your pick.
    But as long as he’s entertaining, I won’t complain.

  16. I can’t like this video more than once, I’m sorry about that!
    Hope the move goes smoothly and all of us saltminers will wait for your return !!

  17. I am imagining a Mingles with Jingles some time in June or July where Jingles is explaining that he’s moving back to the rented property because Akazuki hates the new place.

  18. Best wishes for you and we may all hope that everything goes smooth with moving!

  19. Thorn's acts of crafting

    @Kal Taron probably both…and also to get more comments saying actually jingles…which drive viewer engagement 😛

  20. @Thorn’s acts of crafting He’s old and crap not stupid after all. 😉

  21. Our Gnome Overlord is finally all grown up, and ready to move in into His own salt mine mansion

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