Mingles with Jingles Episode 424

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  1. Happy moving day Jingles, hope it all goes well for you.

  2. Good luck with the move tomorrow! Remember any information that is printed is only accurate at time of printing!

  3. Don’t worry about the contact info for the property management company. As soon as the payment is due, they’ll find a way to contact you.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      Yes when you own them money they are at minute notice , but when they own you money , you will wait … Sweden own me 700.000kr and I still wait they pay that -_-

    • @Adam Marcinkowski holy shit that’s a lot of money

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      @Battle Pants yup , Chancellor of justice granted me that , but now they fuck around and I am forced go to court … and after I will win , I bight much more than that .

    • @Adam Marcinkowski send me some, because you will win 100%, joking but still good luck man

  4. Awwww, Poor Akisuki. Im sure she’ll be happy as all hell to see you when you get done moving. “this is the hardest thing iv had to do in my life, and iv been to war, twice.” LOL.

  5. We sold our house recently which I owned with my sister and now ex brother in law (turned out he was being a bully to my sister and 70+ year old mother when I wasn’t around), got until next Friday to find somewhere to live but finding it difficult. Glad you found somewhere Jingles hope your move goes smoothly, your video’s have helped keep my spirits up

  6. Jingles … “Be ready for disappointment” ……. Me “I play World of Warships, i am always ready for disappointment” ….. hope the move goes well!!

  7. Happy moving day, Jingles! Can’t wait for the next Mingles to tell us what went horrible wrong 😉

  8. Andys model and stuff

    Timestamps are here!
    Hey, there was a Mingle wih Jingles episode thes week atfer all, what a pleasant surprise!

    00:00 Howdy folks, and Nordpass sponsorship with clever passwordmanager (this becomes relevant later)
    02:00 Moving house!
    04:08 Worst thing about moving, worse than war!
    06:11 Packaging is on the menu, tomorrow might not have a video
    08:32 Management company welcoming package!
    10:49 Connecting to the internett
    14:20 Gotta get the cats back!
    15:11 Changing email adress with the world and important passwords
    19:46 Summary of moving day and preparations
    20:53 WOWS: Support carriers

    On this day 80 years ago British Commandos raided the Normandie dry dock in St Nazaire. Watch Jingles video on the story of the raid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CthP4Wa2gHM

    • Still waiting for that Sabaton single.

    • 103 metres is longer than the maximum length permitted by the ethernet spec, I hope that’s a fibre run…

      And why are you still using a provider email? I’ve been using a yahoo email for some 20 years now for that very reason. These days the pain is switching phone providers because of two factor authentication….

      The last artillery re-work was the final straw for me in WOT. It wasn’t the only reason by far, but WG finally sucked the last bit of fun out of the game and I de-installed it. Sounds like I should give Armored Warfare another try tho.

    • Look at you with the link to the dry dock raid and all. 👍🏆

    • Andys model and stuff

      @Ursa Major I am very serious about this stuff 😉

    • What’s that you Brits say… Stay calm and carry on… Best of luck on the move!

  9. F for Jingles thinking at this point “what could go wrong?”.
    Nah, seriously: Hope everything goes smoothly 🙂

  10. Just remember the one single thing you’re looking for will be in the first box. You’ll go through all of them repeatedly for hours and hours. Only to find it sitting in plain sight right in the 1st box 😜

  11. Guerrilla Entrepreneur

    Mingles with Giggles
    Mingles with Babbles
    Episode 424

    Hard to part with your pets……relatable.
    Packing is hard, but done once
    Unpacking is tedious, but done once
    All normal
    We all go through that
    No furniture yet……it happens, very, very normal
    Sierra Hotel
    Have fun moving

  12. Just amazed you didn’t realise having an ISP email address is just a pain waiting to happen when you move ISP! LOL.

    • It’s the main reason why I don’t use ISP email addresses for important stuff. If you ever have to move to an area that isn’t served by the ISP or the ISP discontinues their old DSL service without an alternative service, it becomes an annoyance. Thankfully, I didn’t have too many important stuff in the ISP email account that I had to forward to my other email or download to my computer.

    • Στελιος Πεππας

      I didn’t even know that ISP email addresses were even a thing before Jingles mentioned them. I don’t even know of a single person who uses one. The only question I have is why would you use them? Why not just use a gmail address?

    • @Στελιος Πεππας  : ISP email addresses were around during the Internet’s early days before Yahoo and Google took off. Some businesses still use ISP email addresses but even those are rare these days.

  13. The Mighty Jingles

    Good news! The Removals guys turned up on time and I’m now in the process of packing everything. It’s a complete and utter ball-ache, but it’s getting done!

    • i read it in voice “Good news everyone!” , totally appropriate

    • Grand Admiral Raeder

      @Jonathan Perry bruh its a ship in WOWS

    • CMDR Zdenek-Joerg

      Jingles equipping the mancave with figurines for years: “Yeah, it’s a great idea, it’ll look awesome here, lets get some more!”
      Jingles, having to pack them all carefully in order to not break anything while moving house: “Whose f****g idea was getting so many of these?!?”

      😀 😀

    • Now you have your own place after lots of properties and lots of moves the best advice I can give is forget you have an attic/basement storage area.

      Short of Xmas decorations if you put something into an attic or basement you don’t really need it. Next time you move it’s just more cr@p to move the next time.

  14. jingles: I fear no man, but that thing…
    _new house_
    jingles: it scares me.

  15. Akizuki is doing amazing, she had her breakfast this morning, been giving me plenty of hugs and kisses and playing around. At the end of the day, she knows me and her sisters so she knows she’s fine. Coming here was a is a very good little lesson for her to build her confidence around new environments and become a little bit more like Juzi. I am so so excited for her new home because it will be such an improvement for her, cant wait to see her flourishing with all the extra space for zoomies. Its going to be amazing once they settle down.

  16. In my experience of moving house, 7 times in 30yrs, the removals firm are usually the most reliable part of the whole process. Really hope you’re finding that out too!

  17. The biggest hassle I’ve had moving is controlling where the boxes end up in the new place – kitchen stuff in the spare room at the bottom of the stack of boxes, bedroom stuff in the man-cave, etc. So it takes a while to find all your stuff.

  18. Haven’t watched mingles with jingles for a while, but seeing it on it’s 424th episode, made me realize, man has it been 8 years already? Time flies so fast.

  19. Wanna make bets about what will go wrong when Jingles actually moves house:
    – His stuff is delivered to the wrong house
    – His internet provider switches on the internet for the wrong address
    – Jingles stands in front of the wrong house, wondering why the keys don’t fit.

  20. “The only thing that can go wrong …”
    Oh, Jingles, those are dangerous words to speak!
    Suffice it to say that a “no warning” overheating vehicle in the “middle of nowhere” on a routine holiday trip ended up costing me USD $2,108.74. The cause … a failed radiator cap!

    Cardboard boxes make for GREAT cat toys! Don’t get rid of all of them too soon!
    Your cats may find them useful to “hide” in while they get acclimated to their new home.
    Best of Luck on your move and setup!

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