Minnesota 269k damage, heavy hits || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. another solid round for the new t9 US battleship line…nothing too special but good use of this 12 guns.

  2. On this ship they have McDonalds instead regular kitchen

  3. 7:29 well done lol….

  4. Sorry, but this ship is so ugly.

  5. Imagine if he did the exact same thing but in an Iowa instead

  6. Why he never use the defensive aa consumable lol the CV hunting him

  7. This ship is god damn terrible. An Iowa would have done far better in these same situations just because it’s faster, more accurate, has better guns with more penetration, and a much quicker reload.

    • WG do they just to humiliate americans

    • @Gutts I don’t think it has anything to do with that. A lot of the OP ships in the game are American (Georgia, Ohio, Des Moines, Worcester, Benham, Black, etc.), I think it’s just that the WG balancing team doesn’t listen to super testers and CCs very much. The fact that a ship like Marceau or Smaland even exist in the game says that they don’t listen.

  8. the max speed should be 27 at least

  9. This ship throws punches like Mike Tyson.

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