Minotaur | 3063 Base XP | 228k DMG | 8 kills || World of Warships

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Player: HeHe9228
Ship: Minotaur
Map: Warriors Path

[KK™] HeHe9228 | Minotaur | 3063 Base XP | 228k | 8

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  1. Great channel. Thanks for the super commander highlights!

  2. It was ok, more the fact the enemy sucked majorly lol

  3. Can’t wait for Royal Navy Battleships

  4. Dorple The Pork Oracle

    Water wasn’t green like the thumbnail. Clickbait. Disliked.

  5. The Minotaur = the British version of the Atlanta.

  6. фу сука досмотрел эту хуйню до половины и чуть не обрыгался!!!бред пиздец!!!геймплей аутиста,прятаться в дымах и настреливать за счет своего депеэма.самому не противно?!

  7. Toxic chat from enemy team + AFK DD… *sigh*

  8. MM is so fucked in world of warships that you always get one team dominating the other it’s not fun you can have a really good player on the bad team and still loose

  9. The game has become retarded-it reminds me of the state of BF3 near the end when a pistol round could kill in one shot but a tank round only did random damage but rarely one hit killed. GG WG.

  10. That tight team play reminds me why I miss this game, but that non stop hate in chat reminds me why I quit. 🙁

  11. Load 2 seconds :0

  12. this game captured the horse shit that i’ve been talking about for months now. when this game wants you dead, it’ll pull any horse shit out of its ass. go to 14:58, basically every salvo that des moines was getting a fire on the mino. one after another. even the last fucking salvo after the des moines died and it was convenient that he used damamge control right before the last fire right? When does anything like that happen during regular game play? I suspect because the mino had 7 kills, the game is coded to fuck you over any chance it gets and i think this proves it.

  13. 5 minutes in. 96 hits and 18 000 fired.

  14. what a noob with ultra zoom out omg

  15. That last Des Moines has WTF level RNG as the last salvo of HE (and immediately setting two prior to repair party) would have killed HeHe had the super-heal didn’t come off CD the last second.

  16. The ultra-zoom out just proves its a noob in a broken ship

  17. A broken ship in a shitty arcade game, war thunder ships are already better.

  18. Minotaur: the most annoying ship in the game.

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