Minotaur – 5 kills, 286k damage, 2.7k base XP – World of Warships

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Player: Gaishu_Isshoku
Map: Okinawa

User Description:

This was possibly most disappointing loss I’ve ever had. Team just did not want to get carried :/
Minotaur – 5 , 286k , 2.7k base XP, High Caliber, Confederate, Dreadnought, defeat: so close to clutching

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  1. most excellent gameplay

  2. James “Hotshot Jimmy”

    Quick question. How are his groupings so tight? Is there a certain way of
    getting this? My firing is definately not that grouped

  3. omg this game lmao.
    I was that shima at the end :v

  4. Now that’s how you play the Royal Navy.. bring on the battleships!

  5. Mental Dave (Divad)

    What an awesome game. Shame about the lame team behind him or it would have
    been an easy win!

  6. jesus fuck

  7. LMAO @ when the shimi ate those torps

  8. James “Hotshot Jimmy”

    Also after watching it all he did bloody amazing considering the Mino does
    not like being on her own. Kudos to that gent.

  9. That is teamwork right there that Benson is the real MVP.

  10. Mother of GOD what a game!

  11. 6:49 damage saturation in a nutshell.

  12. om new sub, really Nice gg!!!

  13. When he got the Monty, I leapt out of my seat, you are the truly honourable
    warrior Gaishu. I hated that Shima for being dastardly and shooting you
    from behind til he got that face full of torps, then I giggled my butt off.

  14. Pretty damn good game. This ship seems ridiculously strong to me though.
    Machine gun-like fire rate, turrets turning super fast and almost
    everlasting smoke screen. I mean, who could possibly be bad with this ship

  15. The Analytical Towarzysz

    That last Red benson should have given him the win TBH…

  16. This Benson..

  17. is that rate of fire a bug or a joke?

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