Minotaur 8 kills || World of Warships

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Player: XXI_Rapax
Ship: Minotaur
Map: Trap

User Description:
With a bit luck and map awarness manage to bring it home.
I had to leave my smoke two times because a very good Edinburgh player had radar mounted instead of smoke. Pay attention to that player and his when Wars begins. They are dangerous!!!

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  1. That torpedo miss @4:25 😮

  2. It’s a Minotore.
    He tore them a new one alright.

  3. it’s like a Atlanta but fewer guns

  4. 5:37 main battery plane kill? lol

  5. if youre going to attack a hornets nest learn to fight in the shade! gg

  6. 4:25 That guy is hacking, and the Minotaur needs to be nerfed.

  7. really really bad shooting.

  8. He could have made 1k more damage

  9. Is there a video on here where one player slaughters the entire enemy team? Like. say if you’re team all died one by one and at the end there’s no enemy ships sunk and you’re the only one floating?

  10. Extremely lucky that Bismarck who citadeled him earlier ignored him once he goes invis inside the smoke

    If he kept his turrets aimed at the smoke, this Mino would’ve been dead and the game would’ve been lost. Nice punishment by this Minotaur!!

  11. это пидр-корабль!бред полный!он бы еще раз в секунду стрелял?

  12. just another pussy boy hiding in the smoke and for the love of god learn to aim

  13. No, that’s my cap!

  14. thank god this think doesn’t have HE it would be OP AS FUCK

  15. Hmm, looks like i dont want to play the british ca tree any more. I have never seen a ship which is cabable of doing so much kills and damage with so few skill and tactic. Aiming was bad, positioning cheap and showing broadside way too much. Fire rate, smoke and extremly effective heal + torps basecally means you dont need to use your brain to do good. With idiots on the enemy team you can do awesome. That is so unchallenging, i prefer to play Pong over that…

  16. 14:50, that guy who asked ” mino scared?”, never would have imagined minotaur ate 8 ships for dinner

  17. This ship really needs HE… with 41% fire chance. ?

  18. Jakub Trojanowski

    You wanna tell me I should play Caledon more:-)?

  19. all this video proves is that the minotaur needs to be nerfed, its got Atlanta fast firing guns and smoke… so its a flint?

  20. aww man, that Jolly Roger…

    edit: That firing rate made my dick hard. I need to get laid…
    edit2: all them haters in the comments, the tears are so delicious.

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