Minotaur Clownsfiesta || World of Warships

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  1. Hello 🙂

  2. Die Moni geht richtig ab

  3. Spotted and nobody shoots him. It’s a noob team obviusly. Try to be spotted to see how many are targeting you

    • Yeah, no disrespect to the player, but it was more of an extreme incompetentence of the enemy team then exceptionally good player. Which is the case in most of the replays on this channel TBH.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yeah if the Priority Target shows less than 6, the enemies are too incompetent.

    • Galder Goiriastuena

      Abu Hasan that’s it! Long time ago the replays were with dmg, epic comebacks, caps, planes down… now the battles are with dmg but because the enemy team is noob showing broadsides and things like that. This is the level in WoWs now

    • It was the lower health Salem that kept their attention and saved him early on then moving behind faster and in the opposit direction to the BBs helped too.

    • @Hart Wheeler If I had a lower health Salem and a full health Mino beside him, I prefer kill Mino first because Mino has torps

  4. Muito bom kkk

  5. Edilsonoliveiradossantos Oliveria

    Rápida partida top ?⚔️

  6. The perfect ship…
    If u miss a salvo, 2 secs later another one

  7. One of the most popular ship in game

    • Its evenly popular amongst both her owners and the ones are shooting at her

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      It’s the lowest tier 10 cruiser in average damage per battle actually. It’s also 8th out of 10 in win rate and in average xp per battle. That isn’t to say that it’s a bad ship it’s just a bit challenging to master.

  8. So “Clownsfiesta” is what the game is called? What is “World of Warships” then?

  9. Expertise in Minotaur – most entertaining IMO.

  10. Good job,bro

  11. lucky bastard lol red team wanted to ignore him seriously hehe

  12. …? World of blinds

  13. That was one hell of a beat down, GG

  14. I want enemy team like that, every time I show up there are like 10 peeps shooting ar my and deleted in 2 secs

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