Minotaur in Airship Escort – World of Warships

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This was my 1st match in the brand new mode, Airship Escort.

Minotaur was the ship of choice, accompanied by Trenlass in his Vampire. They work pretty nicely together and this mode is pretty sweet.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  2. Flambass uploaded in cereal box resolution today.

  3. That reminds me…i need to get potatoes.

  4. Gerhard Von Schiffe

    I don’t know why you’re all complaining about the resolution.
    This is just befitting the playerbase’s potato quality.

  5. That reminds me, I must book an eye test with my optician.

  6. Time to book a trip to the opticians.

  7. Whip & Schnips - Garden Services

    This is the best episode of Tarkov yet 😉

  8. Come on guys, you all know that you have to wait for YT to put 1080p. Watch the video later.

  9. Looks like ha had a Jingles moment there.

  10. Resolution is 1080p now, I published the video as soon as it was uploaded and youtube uploads the video 1 resolution at the time, from worst to best so it took some time flambaHug 😉

  11. That was a nice pit maneuver by Trenlass.

  12. Everyone likes this game mode and all I can think is “why doesn’t that ship just shoot down the damn blimp?”

  13. I like to consider myself a reasonably intelligent gamer, but I couldn’t suss out the mechanics of this battle, “Airship Escort.” =0[.]o=

  14. Best Teamwork.

  15. One of this days I’ll show in one of this many pro players video and I’ll be the one u guys will be wondering “WTF was he thinking?” lol Anywho, GG!

  16. Wait until CVS are allowed to shoot the blimp with fighters.

  17. This just makes me want a combat zeppelin game even more. World of Skyships

  18. I almost spat out my noodles laughing at that nickname.

  19. Fresh haircut? Looks tight, my dude.

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