Minotaur – One against all || World of Warships

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SkyTek85 X Minotaur – Minotaur – One against || World

244 542 Dommages
High Caliber
3x devastating strike
44 planes down
427 hits

8:08 Destruction of Edinburg
8:08 Devastating strike
10:11 Destruction New Orlean
10:11 Devastating strike
11:47 Destruction of Baltimore
11:47 Devastating strike
13:22 High Caliber
14:15 Destruction of HSF Harekaze
15:02 Destruction of Enterprise
16:37 Destruction of
17:40 Capture of A
18:04 Destruction of

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  1. how much dmg etc do you need in a CV do get 4000 base exp?
    I think its not even possible to reach this with dmg only

  2. May I ask why not premium consumable?

  3. Not impressive.
    Played against stupid people who play tier 8 or 9 and could not predict torpedoes of a Minotaur. Chasing a cruiser with torpedoes around an island..*face palm*
    Eating two torpedoes from tier 8 CVs which he was or could evade easily (turned into the second so he would not miss it!).
    Lucky guy, but no skill!

    Edit: Enemy CV attack a Minotaur, the ship with the highest tier in the match and strong AA with tier 8 planes. He lost almost his entire load-out on him! That really hurt while watching!

  4. A bit of a crap game to watch.

  5. Panzerknacker, where were you on 9/11?

  6. why do people have prem camo but use no prem consumables?

  7. lucky potato (sorry to say), not too impressive, fail to dodge ez torps twice, and helped by no skill plane kills so much

  8. He is rly bad. Like a kevin he only have luck in this game so useless to watch

  9. One has to wonder what ‘precise’ product he is using to get torpedoed..

  10. At 11:25…What are you doing?

  11. 11:25 13:09 the panic XD

  12. Honestly Mino player doesn’t deserve this. He made poor positioning, regular consumables, bad decisions & mega fail torpedo beats but went up against arguably the most newb team you can get at WoWs at T10 MM.

  13. 11:20
    well, nice torpedobea….

  14. As a player who’s most played ship is the exciting minotaur this replay is just straight up palm to face. I can’t believe he played so poorly and got away with it

  15. I’m wondering who were more stupid, this player or enemy team

  16. Well, maybe next time mark planes and you can kill each squadron bevor they reach you. You would not have eaten that much torps and maybe use your damm prem smoke and repairparty

  17. lol all skill, no luck

  18. tough crowd.  😀

  19. His greed nearly cost his team a win!

  20. how did he not get clear sky?

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