Minotaur with RADAR on OPEN OCEAN MAP…good luck ^^ World of Warships

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tsefs X Minotaur
so every now and then i like to play Mino with radar… only this time… BOOM! Ocean… Man up, take big boy pills and let’s battle!
11/12 damaged ships, 7 kills, x2 strike!
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  1. take big boy pills and let’s battle!

  2. Second is the best

  3. look at the chat in 00:28 “where the fuck is my island, where should I hide” a wows ship commander saying that middle of ocean,

    World of warships = Historically accurate game 10/10 :v

  4. To all those who cry ‘smoke camping Minotaurs are ruining the game!’ Watch this replay. Awesome.


  6. Risheen Mukherjee

    An exercise in restraint and awareness is what the radar Minotaur is. Absolutely fantastic match, deserved much more XP and Credits. I hope one day we have rewards for good teamplay. There should be rewards for spotting, tanking, etc. It would be good for the game, and it honestly doesn’t hurt to try.

  7. so many videos from minotaur-yamato-des moines .boring

  8. i like Tirpitz pros without secondaries…^^ Congrats Mino to this luck

  9. Stay alive today, fight tomorrow!

  10. OPEN OCEAN MAP: a place where men do battle.

  11. I love, too much this ship!!!

  12. Crazy dialogue between a Japanese Petty Officer, German Commodore and a British Lieutenant on board

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