Minotaur WORLD EXP RECORD #1 GLOBAL RANKING|| World of Warships

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Player: Accelerated
Map: Loop

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  1. that’s not the highest xp in a mino ,can’t be because i have 5056 base xp in the mino !!!!! and i bet there are even higher base xp games in mino too .dont believe me check my in game name Mc_Dumble

  2. My highest is 3991 exp with the Des Moines. But this game, just wow.

  3. WTF was the cv thinking? That he is a BB? LOL

  4. wtf was that cv doing?!

  5. tbh: the worst gameplay from a minotaur i have ever seen, and i have seem some shit.

  6. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. That moment when you post the highest xp game in a Minotaur and spell it wrong 😀
    Thx for sharing!

  8. Camera is really annoying.

  9. Mustafa peşdere

    ismail bana smoke atsaydın çıkardım burdan :DDD


  11. Does anyone knows what is the highest record in shot down planes? Can’t find anything at myself with Google <-<

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  13. lol, die fuckin hindenberg. hahah11:21

  14. Erkan sövüyo sövüyo ondan sonra da “reported” diyo hasiktir makd fg.hssdgfhj

  15. i know i’m a carrier but i’m gonna paint some broomsticks and hopefully those red bastards will think i’m a big battleship with big guns and stay clear of me…

  16. William Wallace

    Erm… How was this NOT a Clear Sky achievement?….. Much confused.

  17. CV was 4th?!?! I guess now we know why the Carrier Economy is so off… apparently it’s heavily weighted towards potential damage.

  18. Not a surprise with 85 planes^^

  19. I got 4778 base in my mino. how are the records kept? just curious

  20. Desperado Elmasre

    Good game. but i like how he open Hydro at 02:55 after he and his division bud eat torpds 😀

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