Missouri 2.5mill credits || World of Warships

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  1. rng was with him

  2. Seriously nice rng in this game.

  3. He must have stolen the invisibility cloak

  4. it was mostly RNG, insane dispersion, matchmaking giving him free kills, being he spammed but no fire, cruisers shoot AP at him while he was angled

  5. 1,35 milliom from modefiers ^^ he found a good posi had nice RNG, so let me assure him my jealousy^^ nice weekend boys

  6. I NEVER get dispersion like that!!!
    Even in my Izumo!
    Its max dispersion is a blatant lie by WG.

    I hate that ship even more than the kutu, kami, and belfast.

  7. Even I have all t10 BB thats why this IS my favorite ship MISSOURI even he IS t9???????????

  8. “Hey, Mo, do ya think my broadside is sexy?”
    -Almost every cruiser in this match.

  9. Confused Blue Dragon

    That last shot on the Donskoi tho…

    All skill, no luck needed…

  10. Can anyone please help me with how you get this crosshair? The internet search for it is driving me nuts.

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