Missouri broken? less Credits since Musashi is here ?? World of Warships

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  1. what do you think about the credit income ?

    • idk my credit income hasnt been much better than that game, had a couple 180k + caps that broke 1 mil but games that would make 2 mil hardly make 1 mil now, this one being a bit of proof

    • you nearly only did damage to battleships, so ships with a lot of max HP
      you get experience and credits based on the percentage of the max HP of the target (and something with the Tier, so damaging a higher tier target gives you more than a lower tier target)
      so doing 1k damage to a 10k max HP ships gives you the same amount of experience and credits than for doing 10k damage for a 100k max HP ships
      most high credit-games in missouri involve high damage numbers but also quite high damage against cruisers and destroyers (that have less max HP) unlike yours
      all in all, i don’t think they changed it

    • yeah, I’m aware of that, however there are other games that i have had where ive done 180k to cas dds and bbs, plus 4 kills high cal, confederate, dreadnaught 3 mil tanked, and also 3 caps and still only made 1.1 mil credits. this game was a bit of an extreme situation here with the low credits.

    • Panzerknacker much lower than expected.

    • Panzerknacker they reduce for Missouri but Missouri it’s better even they nerfed than Musashi because u should do 180+ damage to have GD credits

  2. It is only BB damage. If he is not using ANY credit signals, the income is alright for the baseXP. Show me the last stat page to see if he has any credit signals and a premium account.

  3. I hope it isn’t/doesn’t Stay broken cause I am putting a lot of effort into getting it.

  4. sadly no last page of stats – i have the Description of the Player:

    “so ive been playing MO a lot and for a while, and im used to seeing games like this being a minimum of 1.5 mil credits when running full credit flags. but i only made 866k credits off of a game like this”

    • XP is based on % dmg, so putting out huge numbers on BB doesnt really give that much XP, 100% killing a BB and 100% killing a DD should make no difference XP wise. That’s why his XP and Credits are not as high for the damage he dealt.

    • Panzer, for that game i was running Premium time, and All credit flags except for Wyvern.

    • still 2.3k base xp is more than enough to break 1mil credits in the past, considering running credit flags and premium account

  5. I just bought it two weeks ago. If its nerfed , i demand a refund of the cash which was needed….

  6. If wargaming did this purposely I will be so pissed, I am going for it and about to get it, I don’t want yamato copy, I’d rather have missouri

  7. Had a 6 kill 140k damage game last night with premium and credit flag…….600k credit

  8. iv noticed that also !! there was a time you got that amount of credits for a normal game !

  9. Sure. And the detailed report is missing. If this guy does not have premium or any credit flags than it would be normal…

  10. His potential damage is too low for the damage he caused. He tanked only the bismarck at the end of the game. He was all behind rocks the entire game. Take that into consideration

  11. lol i just found out that you posted this video of Me, Panzer

  12. I have had other games, more interesting ones, where not on as much damage, but more influence in the games. with 4+ kills 2-3 caps and over 2 mil potential and only around 1.1 mil credit gain on that win. Also yes i run premium and credit flags. no credit camo tho. and this seemed to drop when the Musashi went into in game testing and in shops.

  13. Maybe a little but Missouri make many money than Musashi with less damage per battle thats why i continu farming money with Missouri even i have also Musashi. Average 70k damage with Missouri u have 450k money with Musashi even 150k damage u have 300k only .

  14. Can confirm the Missouri prints more credits. I have both the Missouri and the Musashi. Think it was the day of the Musashi’s release where I did 228K damage (was a victory). Only walked away with 1 million credits. On the other hand, I still have games where I only do 100k – 150k damage in the Missouri and make over 1 million credits…..on a defeat. With that said, both ships are incredibly fun. I wouldn’t tell anyone to avoid either of them. Another thing to consider, some players have found that they manage to average higher amounts of damage in the Musashi than in the Missouri. As a result, they tend to earn similar amounts of credits.

  15. It’s been nerfed.. probably in the ballpark of 25-30%

  16. i just had a 2 kill 170k dmg game. 1.4mil credits. Its fine. BB farming is not great for credits. Blap cruisers and DDs.

  17. Yeah I did 190k dmg and only 800k and 150k dmg ish only 500-600k. With premium and Zulu .impossible to get 1m without wyvern

  18. with this stats in damage and kills in a Scharnhorst you´d have same credits. meanwhile i use the Schorst or Tirpitz for making credits. this less income is, in my opinion, since 0.6.8

  19. to be honest, i am not really a good ship commander, but i have the beautiful MO, and i earn roundabout 500k a game

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