Missouri Loves Company – World of Warships

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Oh jaaaaa, it is that bloody BB again. The one that prints money every time it goes on a toilette, and Flamby needs more money, more printers, moreeeeee.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. logandarklighter

    08:52 😲… Damn, dude! That was DARK!

  2. Don’t worry, I’m sure wargaming is working on Submarine carriers, with all the ease of play features regular carriers get plus unlimited submersion time

  3. I’m so livid that a ship as important and as note worthy as missouri isn’t available for direct purchase anymore.

    Make it half a million coal or something I don’t care just let me get mighty mo without throwing money at gamble boxes

    • Wargaming slaughter a golden goose like that?
      Yeah no, they want you to keep gambling.

    • Nelson got the same treatment, and Rodney isn’t even in the game at all even though it was literally the only BB that ever torped another BB.
      They always drop in the “historical accuracy” thing when it suits them, but when it matters they just make ships vanish.

      Ngl, I’m panicked they’re going to take out Atago or Mutsu before I actually manage to buy them (I can afford a couple of boats a year when the Coupons reset). I half-expected them to remove the Tirpitz or Scharnhorst, but at least those two are still useful to bait people into the game….

  4. Can it get worse? sure nuclear torpedoes that can wipe out your whole team. Better yet they’d make them stealth so you only see them a second before they hit. They could make nuclear subs for the game that never have to surface. Do I need to go on?

    • Subs already basically don’t need to surface, no nuclear subs needed. They could add Cruise missiles, long range aircraft fired guided antiship missiles, and other “fun” goodies, though.

  5. Is Missouri better than Lowa because it;s a premium ship?

  6. I am now a Tier 4 dude. I wonder which tier do I need to reach for more players on random battle. (Alll player no bots.)

  7. { – at ~minute 2:36 – } “It’s more FUN that way!” ” – More entertainment!” And you’ve gotta’ admit, more historically accurate – I mean, d’you remember the crucial part the Star Destroyers played in the Battle of Flambino’s Wallet? 😉

  8. Wargaming should model the Iowas in their modernized configuration.
    Can you imagine sniping with Harpoons and Tomahawk missiles, and CWiS for AA defense?

  9. Flambass Sub CVs existed. The I-400 series in the IJN. Iona from Arpeggio of Blue Steel was one of them.
    I-400, I-401 (Iona), and I-402. They were the largest subs commissioned in the world until the nuclear subs of the late 1960s.

    • I’m still waiting for one of those to drop in Azur Lane as a UR Shipyard thing, the only Sub CV we got so far was I-13 (an AM Class, the predecessor of the I-400s)

  10. Missouri loves company—oh my word, what a great play on words!

  11. Arka Bhattacharjee

    one of the best commentary with gameplay i have ever seen. 😀 MORE PLEASE

  12. TheSuperplus1000

    Typhoon class submarines will be added in 0.14 with 20 nuclear multi warheads so u can nuke not only 1 map but three in one game

  13. that joke never gets old

  14. How about a torpedo with a nuclear warhead? Sink anything with a near miss!

  15. Dark Flambass – a disturbing new nemesis emerges…

  16. Starship Yamato will be in Premium shop soon enough

  17. that potential damage xD

  18. WoWs, – Where BB’s have ASW floatplanes, and defend themselves from surfaced submarines with 16″ super-heavy projectiles. WTAF.

  19. subs are way to slow anyways, the Kleber still can get away, so either way the subs need to be faster or the torpedo’s need to be like 110knts

  20. 4:18 Absolute flat broadside Ibuki takes six overpens from Missouri, and 6k damage – then Ibuki sends an HE volley back to the Missouri and does 10k in return. All systems nominal at WarGaming. 😆

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