Missouri Moment – Yamato citadel too high :kappa: World of Warships

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  1. This . Was. Fucking. BADASS ?

  2. Krzysztof Rabęda

    Hahaha best action

  3. Miroslav Zhelyazkov


  4. Alexander Reichhard

    Shooting with BB‘s at DD‘s from distance triggers me every time

    • why? there were no other viable targets and you never know if you might score a few lucky hits when you aim properly

    • If there are no better targets, shoot. AP overpens still deal massive damage to DD & could possibly turn the tide of the game by taking them out before they start dropping torps & contesting caps.

    • DDs have the second most influance in the game (CVs have more), there is NO reason to not shoot at DDs, never, expect if there is an a lot better target, someone braodside and pretty close, but other than that, there is no exuse in not shooting them

  5. Ramming Speeeeeeed!

  6. this time, good decision – kill DD and ram about 13x more hp ship that his own. GJ bro 😉
    And Yes, Yami is the last ship, that i would took into B on this map xD – just because of these situations – you will probably show your brodside to 1 or other side and than… Game ower xD

  7. Great push. Also extra points for ignoring that Tirpitz instead focusing on the Benson instead – less skilled players would have taken that shot and let that Benson live which would likely cause the game to drag on, giving chance for opponents to turn the tide.

    • Shooting at the DD with AP loaded was a good idea only because BB’s AP pens on DDs exist. So yes, and no at the same time ^^

    • MrTonMou AP over pens still hurts on a DD. Since the Benson was nose in it means there there is enough ship length to actually do penetration damage & outright delete him in one hit.

    • even with, let’s say 7 overpens (at this range possible) it would have been 9450 damage, the benson has 15400 max HP (without Expert of survivability, with 18200); this means ~61.36% of Benson’s max HP (or ~51.92%) both is better than ~10% of Tirpitz’ max HP (since she was angled); and not only this, the turrets weren’t able to keep up to shoot the Tirpitz

    • Yo thanks, I know that I just wrote it ._. I was just saying that pens shouldn’t actually occure (That’s what WG’s working on right now) and overpens only in that situation wouldn’t have had of had been enough. But in the current state of the game, yes you can just brain-deadly shoot AP at DDs in your BBs and get incredibly cancerous results. Broken game mechanic :/

    • That’s actually more of a meta-game mindset/choice than actually an arbitrary one: If the Tirpitz would’ve been the bigger threat for his team, then shooting at him and rippin’ off 25k-30k would’ve been good. But in this case, full knowing the Benson would just get WG’inged, it was the best choice. + it was clearly the bigger threat. I’m not criticising his play, it was great, I’m just being annoying on little details and having a talk 😀

  8. That was a thing of beauty.

  9. Battleship AP on DDs is just broken. Nothing else.

    • Destroyers don’t survived getting mauled by battleships there is nothing over powered or broken about it. Truth is destroyers have favored mechanics they get stealth at ranges they never would. The radar on ships is a gimmick 9.5 km for 30 seconds rather then the real 100 miles 24/7. The destroyers get unlimited torpedo reloads when there is no room on many of them for even a single set of reloads. If you shoot 16 inch ap rounds down through the front of a Destroyer they absolutely will hit the mechanical such as boilers which will cause the shell to explode that seldom if ever happens in the game the bbs never get full damage from their shells when they hit destroyers because if they did they would almost always one shot kill them.

  10. kinda ballsy going in between those islands. usually find 1 or 2 ships waiting to surprise torp someone.

  11. Epic moment!

  12. Lukygamer1983 remake

    the dickhead player..very idiot…

  13. balls of steel and excellent calculation

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