Missouri Rampage || NA RECORD 325K DMG – World of Warships

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Player: Runforcover750

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  1. First!!! Awesome vid

  2. 1:30 so thats what a Missouri multi-hull looks like

  3. wow that was an epic game 😀

  4. Había salido un sudmarino, alguien me lo explica pero no cuando estaba jugando

  5. 影片4:42


  6. 12:45, smart move.

  7. there must be quite a few noob moves on the other team for every record games

  8. Those guys have been thunderstruck.

  9. that was close hahahaha i thought he will lose in that match ??

  10. João Marcos Araújo

    Where can i find those broadsiding genius players? 14 citadels!!! Problably my team mates would be the enemy.
    But a good player appears when he can exploit opportunities when they are show. NICE PLAY!

  11. Risheen Mukherjee

    this guy is the luckiest mf ever. i’d have been killed twice over if I showed broadside in the middle of tears of the desert like that. everyone loves to shoot at iowas.

  12. rngeesus blessed u

  13. That Moskva should have just gotten aggressive vs him.

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