Missouri – Trumpwagon ($1.2million) Kraken || World of Warships

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Player: Pope_Shizzle
Map: Sea Fortune

Missouri – , 265k damage, ($1.2million), 35k commander XP, – All Around Ass Kicking

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  1. How does one get so many citadels?

  2. Is this aim you are using a mod?
    If that’s where I can download?

  3. Any reason you show a replay of a pathetic cheat? Obviously, naming the video after no.45 is good humour as they’re equally despicable but I’d rather see a half decent replay than this filth.

  4. All the hate here… The Missouri is a very accurate ship. So is the Iowa. A skilled player can definitely achive this number of citadels.

  5. Idiots claim it’s cheating whenever they see 10 citadels. Learn to play the game.

  6. and here we have the average 45% winrate Guys saying thats Cheating 😉 understand the game guys its not so hard

  7. a repeat but still gg

  8. well played, excellent ! More BB replays Panzer. #MAGA

  9. Trumpwagon gonna Trump!

  10. i presume only the retard mongaloids are saying he’s cheating? 10 citadels is good but ppl act like its a never seen before number. Theyre probably stuck at t1

  11. MrSmithwayne Smith

    I WANT this ship but the sheer amount of grind time to get this and the self control you need to not spend that exp just makes it out of reach without paying to unlock exp 🙁

  12. 12000 xp to Missouri, can’t wait

  13. This inspires me to go play my Iowa!

    …. Well I did 120k but my team had no one score over 400 exp. Fantastic.

  14. what an amazing game. most ive shot is 140k in my iowa. these guns love to hit citadels and he stayed in the sweet spot of the guns. i havent played the game long, but were do you get the aim sight? ive looked through all the static sites and have failed to find it. i feel that sight would be better to use since the horizontal line can be miss leading.

  15. agreed he had a very good game. no one focused on him the whole game and let him roam around spamming his shells of death.

  16. the first min, Missouri pen Iowa, Target Penetrated, Didnt expect that girl on girl action heueheueueheue

  17. thats mean im cheating for doing 224k dmg in my iowa, with 60 wr and avg dmg of 80k. What happen to WoWs?

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