Modern Warships VS World of Warships PC – Graphics – YAMATO cinematic

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  1. 《7th Fleet》USN YT CHANNEL


  2. We all know that it’s unfair to compare pc graphics to a mobile phone but damn mobile phone games graphics really did improve a lot and is keep on improving

  3. The song is good and Yamato is cool.
    Boho… video is the best.
    I like MW better

  4. I know it’s unfair because comparing pc to mobile but modern warship really shows its quality when dealing with pc games wow

  5. Respect cube because only 2 person.i never play WOW but looking nice both game. MW have grafix advantage

  6. i much like in mw but the wow is more detailed ofc

  7. May that be modern warships or battle of warships or any other warships game. In real life Yamato reigns


    I prefer modern warships because the battles are like real

  9. The only thing I don’t like about modern warships is what you can shoot through yourself. It’s just that I still like modern warships more.

  10. BOHO PLEASE tell me how many members are there In Cube Software. Just 2

  11. Boho, you came in my dream! You also had a friend in the dream. Your face didn’t fit your name in my dream. You are legend👽
    Please say which country are you from? I believe you are from Argentina.

  12. I think World Of Warship 👍💪

  13. Purely from gameplay I prefer MW. it’s more fun and not too long for grinding. WOW more refined in graphic and had more real technical warfare, but long Grinding and developer’s greed made me not play this game anymore. Wargaming should learn more from MW…..

  14. the one on the PC is more top

  15. apparently it’s taking a while to update the BOW…..I hope it’s a

  16. Big difference in both but for 2 guys having created one of the best war games in gaming (MW) I have to say that MW ain’t to far from a multi billion company (WOW’s)… 👍😎👍

  17. Can’t compare a mobile game with a PC game, they are waaay different in basically everything

  18. Yo prefiero world of warships por que se ve mas realista xd

  19. WOW has more realistic parts, but MW has more weapons than WOW. WOW is hard to grind which makes the player more hard to earn things and play more in to the game. But MW is too easy to grind.

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