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Checking out the Tier 9 for the French Destroyers, Mogador looks pretty legit and perhaps that means it will be adjusted. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX French Mogador Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Great, khaba hard to hit now this lolz

    • Khaba players are used to not being hit and get predictable in their dodge moves so you shoot where you think he will dodge same with Mogami.After you hit them they go chase someone else. But you are correct the Khaba should never have been in the game I have the Khaba and I suck at DD play I only played 1 game in the Khaba and got 3 kills and 144 k damage and i never played it again

  2. pirabhav mahesh

    Great ship for NOTSER

  3. Hey notser, the AP on these dds are not bad, they can really punish.

  4. Akyamarukh Pirau

    I told everyone on Asia forum that Mogador is OP, yet some people is ignorant and saying its a bad ship. I really want this ship

  5. “I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar”.

    Seriously, that speed…

  6. Notser trying to compete with Jingles on who can misname the most things

  7. The Kleber and Mogador has the same layout with the torps and guns as the Friant and Duguay

  8. The ambush potential is limitless. Good vogdeo.

  9. So it’s an un-nerfed Khaba that’s faster. reload boosted but lacks smoke.
    Amazing to think it’s pretty good. Who would have expected that? Khaba was notoriously bad, after all, especially before its nerfs.
    p.s. lol @ your CV apologising. Came 2nd as tier 8 CV in tier 10 game.

  10. You are pronouncing “Kleber” more like the germans do pronounce their german word for glue=Kleber and it cracks me up.

  11. This french DD is a hell of a gunboat!

  12. That Henri must have smelled the ineptitude on that Moskva

  13. LMAO 1:30 …Notser clearly has had enough of the critical Know-it-alls…..(funny voice)

  14. Simon Lindström

    Wargaming couldn’t possibly have a line where the tier 9 is more competetive than the tier 10. I’m looking at you pan asia DD’s!

  15. Mogador could have easily been at tier 10, without the need of another paper ship. Apart from that, gameplay looks Interesting

  16. its funny how u can be excited about a new ship line and unique features but you should also consider …are you going to be excited to play against her just as much?

  17. So like the third run and gunship DD tech tree. I want something new.

  18. the power creep seems real …. WG seems to keep’s shooting them selves in the foot with a catch 22 … WG logic … no one will be interested or play the new ships if there not better then what they already have … i don’t like this ideology they seem to be using for every new ship they put out it makes older ships obsolete (Like what the new USSR AAA cruiser will do to mino if its aloud to keep its smoke/hydro combo and high ROF HE… basically an all round better mino with HE currently) now we see one of the most fared gun boat DD’s shredded by a new even scarcer fish and im gonna assume it will make quick work of all the gun boat DD’s …. hope WG realises that new ships don’t necessarily need to be better then old ones to be interesting or if they plan to keep this up maybe revisit some of the older ships … hell recently iv been noticing the BB’s as a class could use some love and they seem to have so very little impact on the game struggling to kill even cruiser in the games iv been in … when a mino or Woo can bounce yamato shells just cause they angled a little something has gone very wrong or iv severely misunderstood what the over mach mechanic is

  19. at least a new line we all waiting for – again really fast firing ships which could shoot enemys in 20 seks from 100 to 0 – wow WG – you solve all problems

  20. I said it before, I’ll say it again: when players learn the speed of these ships, you’ll take a lot more damage. Speed is dependent on the enemy skill not your own skill.

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