Mogami 3.6K Base Exp + 237k Dmg + 5 Achievements || World of Warships

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  1. CoolMan / DeutschlandCraft2004

    First!! I love WoWS

  2. The 155mm are incredible. <3
    Zao & Mogami still rule. Great ships.

  3. a ship that made out of paper and citadels

    • Liger-Zero, this replay was pure luck. Idk why Iowa wasnt paying attention to him… the same Hipper, If Hipper and Iowa had shot at this guy, he would have died long ago. Mogami does not live long, it has always been like this.

  4. cccooooooolllllllll

    Good play from this guy but I have two critics to make, first: at 12:12, he should have pushed harder inside the smoke , he had is hydro on and no one to defend the enemy dd, he was lucky to have a dd doing the scouting for him, otherwise, it would have been a pain in ass to deal with.
    The second one comes at 3:05, the AP in this situation (broadside cruiser at less than 10 km ) is more efficient than HE, a full AP volley from a mogami in this situation could do up to 15K damage (maximum alpha AP full volley is 49.5K damage) with a good dispersion (with results like 2-4 citadels, 3-4 penetrations and 1-2 over-penetration).

    • At 15:15 the torpedo spread was ideal since enemy Bismarck wants the cap. The HE spam to force a repair + perma-flood is excellent. What I’m not a fan of was him constantly shooting while giving broadside on a Mogami. At ~25k hp with a perma flood, a single fire would be the end of him; no need to expose yourself to a potential devastating strike.

  5. mogami and ibuki need some love from WG

  6. one of my favorite cruisers.

  7. Nice to see, how works Mogami with torpedos.

  8. Mencius Madhyanagara

    Akatsuki come down here, your brother sent you a packet. I think those are flags.

  9. Arjan Singh Batra

    That thing is a fire breather

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