MOGAMI – 3781 BXP || World of Warships

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  1. 10k torps are insane! Hit me every time. Very good match.

  2. 133k dmg High Caliber in a T10 game…sometimes I reach 200k and don’t have it ?

  3. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    An awesome game for a tier 8 cruiser in tier 10 IJN quality! And the player ofc :V

  4. never repair one fire

    • Yep, U will get another one… Like that one when I was reaching island… Reasons I repaired were two: concealment and HP.

  5. Мосдми….. пздц can enough use this disgusting font?

  6. atago is better cuz it has heal and better torp arc.

  7. And What did he so special? Another HE spam stupid game.

    • Definetely. No AP against Minotaur. I have heard using AP on Mogami is the best way to sink BBs and DDs, cause it makes a lot of damage. BTW, this was a hardly camping Mogami using smoke and cheats.

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