Mogami vs. T 10 Ships || World of Warships

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  1. What the hell? He should have gotten solo warrior! If not for that AFK Minotaur(even if he only fought against 3 ships alone it is an achievement to do that in tier 8 mogami)

  2. Alfian Wisnu Anggoro

    Nah ini yg gw suka, Glory Mogami!!!!

  3. The very honorable 155’s….

  4. the 155s are too strong, historically speaking. Take away the 155mm guns and make this thing T7 where it belongs

  5. that looks like flamu build, the only build i disagree with

  6. just WOW

  7. This guy is a lucky man, who managed to last so long against higher tier ships that way and during that time, he should consider himself fortunate that he did not get the Oceano map in this game because if that had happened the ships of TX (like that Conquetor) they would have disemboweled it in less than 10 starting minutes with no place to hide.

  8. No you aren’t

  9. アドミラルヒッパー

    Too deadly,Too fun

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