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  1. Second

  2. Ho. Ly. Crap. Although I’m surprised not more base XP.

  3. Tovarish_Kartoshka 4

    Spasiba !! KUDOS

  4. Well played ^^

  5. Smooth killer right there. Where do you find info about detection range reset time after firing? This ship disappears after firing really fast!

  6. Essentally a Kirov a T6…with 3×3 guns from the Dmitiri Donskoi. That AP really wrecks people, as the enemy Pensacola, Kirov, Fiji, De Grasse & even Konig can attest to.

  7. Only a few players on his team who were good, he really played the ship well

  8. seriously he had sex with that pensacola, he litterary raped that pensacola, and here i was grinding cleveland… wtf halp

  9. All…that…broadside…NOM

  10. Wow, this guy is good.

  11. He is cheating, open your eyes, he aiming to fast and hit everything.
    Also fast aiming with a spotter plan and hit all…

  12. He almost got 10 with the NY.

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