Monarch – a ride to victory – 212k of dmg! || World of Warships

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– a ride to victory – 212k ! || of
Player: Ageujcs
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  1. those grozo torps couldve been avoided. but damn this type of gameplay pisses me off. HE spam.


  3. If you don’t set at least “tier” amount of fires (e.g. ORION=4 fire), then you’re playing the RN BBs wrong.

  4. Hail to the king

  5. never dement rng game

  6. another noob with HE.

  7. I do not like his art to Play this game. You do not have to follow every salve!

  8. Hey man when will we see some more HMS Lion.

  9. I also wanna see some Conqueror with double guns.

  10. please stop following your shells…makes me wanna throw myself out of a window..has zero beneficial value..just annoying as fuk..

  11. I have no idea how is that possible, I am struggling with all British BB line so far, for some reason I am having massive dispersion with every shot, I take any other BB line and can easily get 200K+ damage, with the monarch which is where I am right now in that line, I would be lucky to get 100k Damage 🙁

  12. At 9:09 in the video the commander says fighter returning to shit

  13. repair!!! I want some more!

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