MONSTER GAME! 150,000+ Damage GAME! – World Of Warships IBUKI GAMEPLAY

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MONSTER GAME! 150,000+ Damage GAME! – World Of Warships IBUKI GAMEPLAY


  1. +EpicSmileyMan64 wowp is famous for being a terrible game so I think you
    shouldnt use it to evaluate the quality of other WG games. Wows is actually
    pretty good

  2. jonathan östansjö

    +KK Pixy Prem ship + converting XP? That’s atlest my theory.

  3. +Eddie Vasquez Who the fuck are you?

  4. Seen as though its free and only 4gb you might as well find out for
    yourself but in my opinion yes it is completely worth it

  5. Lol dude I have everything on low and it runs a steady 20 fps with sound
    lag out the wazoo

  6. thanks 🙂

  7. +DarkAngelZz59 It’s called “Designate Target for Allies”

  8. +Br1ckbuster i must have missed it, i didn’t find it when i looked

  9. Have to look at it in controls, need to assign a key

  10. +MrHeavy92 its the Bismarck
    the one ship brits were terrified of
    a mother FUCKING awesome battleship, cant wait for german ships in WoWS….
    ….or ships in war thunder

  11. +MrHeavy92 Bismarck

  12. +The Friendly Grammar Nazi Navy Field 2 Trailer

  13. +Lord Falletti I don’t want to forever hold down the ALT key though, man..
    That’s annoying af..

  14. +LazyFaux5656 ALT key.

  15. +Eva Upfold They are doing a server stress test right now. So technically
    it is open to the public

  16. +Edgar Delgado Huh? It’s not in Open yet is it?

  17. Follow acecustomz advice. Also check Youtuber iChaseGaming, he has a lot of
    tutorials and a ‘know your ship series’

  18. +Edgar Delgado watch jingles’ guide on WoWS, its quite helpful

  19. jonathan östansjö

    +George Cornell It was great in the CBT, so unless they changed it it’s
    still great. in my opinion that is.

  20. +Akula971 I have a AMD R9 290 I can run all other games fine on high
    settings or higher, I can play this game but when I get in to a game the
    loading screen gets stuck and I can’t see shit. and when I move my mouse
    the screen flickers sp I can se the map for a split sec and it’s really

  21. +Akula971 My Vid card Regulary turns my PC off when it gets too hot, Nice
    during summers where the Temperature gets above 30 degrees C

  22. +PIZZAPOWER12 The game saw my graphics card off. It really needs an up to
    date card. My poor old HD4870 overheated regularly when the game was set at
    medium setting, and finally died 🙁

  23. +Johann Schmidt Yeah, that’s also one of those things that Doesn’t work,
    Have you Checked if all the Cables are correctly inserted in their proper
    Response: “But Sir my Desktop is Wireless”

  24. *PC won’t turn on* “Sir have you tried turning your PC on and off again”

  25. +The Minecraft Ace its in the options

  26. +MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS Phly and Slick were about 2-3 tiers
    higher than anyone else in that match. Getting to T6 is doable fairly
    quickly with some determination and premium.

  27. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    No i didnt meant Fry Dellie i meant, the other guys in the game ^^

  28. +MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS He’s got a Press Account.

  29. +Z Schraier Same. 🙂 We can play tomorrow. I’m insanely tired. xD

  30. Server stress test wut is that

  31. I’m I have the south Carolina battleship now

  32. +Z Schraier Sorry, bud. I had work. xD We can play tomorrow if we’re both
    on though. 🙂

  33. +LazyFaux5656 you gunna get back to the game lazyfaux? we can do a division
    when you get back!

  34. +Ravens Nest It was available for purchase but it isn’t at the moment.

  35. +Gabriel Harather oh so you want to be funny eh ? ok my turn. Atago is a
    Heavy cruiser of the Fog armed with 128 corrosive warheads. (and I already
    found out that they pulled the atago and atlanta from the shop so that they
    wouldn’t fuck up the MM)

  36. +Ravens Nest it was avable for the cbt to buy after the wipe but before obt
    begain, same with the atlanta

  37. Gabriel Harather

    The Atago class is a guided missile destroyer from Japan built in ~2005 Lol

  38. Håvard Kveum Morken

    Thank god! Someone else have seen it! Use your AP Phly! Jesus

  39. jonathan östansjö

    +TheDarkZenith If AP pens, it will do a lot more damage than HE. :p

  40. +Raz0rking But only if you get a lucky RNG roll. HE is not only more
    reliable, but works better at long range, knocks out a shit ton of modules,
    and of course sets the bugger on fire… a lot.

  41. +Bob The Builder Dupstep
    afaik AP ammo has more damage potential then HE.
    Edit; just checked. AP does more damage

  42. Bob The Builder Dupstep

    +Raz0rking for pluging fire you want to use HE rounds since you said its
    lightly armored so you can pen and do a whole lot of damage AP is just
    gonna go through the deck and do little damage

  43. +Hard Try hit X to change focus on ships in range.

  44. +Hard Try Shift

  45. +Hard Try sweet, haven’t played the game since the weekend.

  46. Not on steam, but it IS currently open beta (check the website).

  47. +DtWolfwood OB is aleardy out since yesterday.

  48. +WSOR 4025 Not on steam, And currently on closed beta. Should be Open beta
    soon, and will be is free to play like World of Tanks.

  49. I BallisticRaptor

    +PhlyDaily DEEZ NUTS

  50. i actually agree whit dbars on this one what ship did you grind for

  51. +PhlyDaily show us a ship you actually grinded for.

  52. +PhlyDaily yes

  53. +PhlyDaily the phoenix

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