MONSTER GAME! 150,000+ Damage GAME! – World Of Warships IBUKI GAMEPLAY

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MONSTER GAME! 150,000+ Damage GAME! – World Of Warships IBUKI GAMEPLAY


  1. I’m about to finish downloading the beta, any tips for a new player?

  2. frydairy!!!

  3. Rat man 1234565

    What does the T button do on that ship

  4. +PhlyDaily When does the servers open for the public to use instead of the
    selected closed beta players

  5. is it free now ?

  6. EpicSmileyMan64

    after trying world of warplanes i think i am going to stay away from all
    wargaming games…. EDIT: i’m going to give it a chance actually, if it
    doesn’t work i wont ever touch another wargaming game again….

    • +EpicSmileyMan64 wowp is famous for being a terrible game so I think you
      shouldnt use it to evaluate the quality of other WG games. Wows is actually
      pretty good

  7. Anthony Lacroix

    How to start a debate: Step 1 confederate flag step 2 sit back and watch
    the fireworks

  8. War thunder ships

  9. KK Pixy (SolowingPixy)

    How do so many ppl grind so fast? It’s not even a week and so many already
    have tier 9? Man, they really need to get a life

  10. Iowegian Immigrant

    What kind of ship is in the intro?

  11. Dimaria Dimaria

    Take the legendary ship yamato 

  12. wow you haven’t even played the game and you get a PR account you dont even
    try to play a game

  13. Phly you sir have the best intro for wows videos bar none!!

  14. nice inttro


  16. The airsoft king

    Around 2:48 in the video when he fired it looked like a smiley face lol

  17. That was an epic game for both of you.

  18. Nicholas Papandreou (General Nikpap)

    Upload 60fps man. Baron and sidestrafe do that and the footage rocks


    Simply an epic game guys – and those crashes were equally massive CFs :p

  20. Is world of warships worth it?

  21. Hey Phly, if you’re interested in how to actually pronounce the name for
    the Mutsuki class DD, this should help. Just say it as “Moot ski” and
    you’ll have it down.


  23. Hey phly great video! Quick question: is it possible for World of Warships
    to give viruses?

  24. Phly I love you but FUCKING press accounts are gay

  25. I swear I will never get tired of this intro!!

  26. atago?

  27. Delusionalrubys

    does phly have a vid whee he shows his computer specs? cause im playing WoW
    on 6 fps

  28. F9F-5 please he is funny

  29. How do you designate a target? :/

  30. Блажо Ђуровић

    Before playing I though it was impossible to make WoWs display health and
    names without using alt, but now that I’m playing it I found the option in
    options “Advanced Battle Interface” that does just that. No more pressing
    Alt to see the ship’s class and how much HP they have.

  31. Monitor Biber (Faa di Bruno) would be a great tier 8 premium for the German

  32. name of intro-song ? or better link ?

  33. What ship is up rising in the intro? Or ist it just random?

  34. 201 likes, no dislike. Youtube, what happened to you? o.o

  35. can i just say i love the intro music to your vids

  36. The Friendly Grammar Nazi

    Where’s the intro clip from?

  37. How do you change it to where you can see the ships and names above the
    enemy, and on the sides like in WoT?

  38. Hey guys i just got Warships since it’s open beta and I was wondering how
    to shoot the torps and if Yall could give me a quick run od own of how to
    use them and when also what to press when shooting thx

  39. Tier 5 jap cruiser faku something I’ve heard is really bad 

    • jonathan östansjö

      +George Cornell It was great in the CBT, so unless they changed it it’s
      still great. in my opinion that is.

  40. I have god damm screen flickering every time I play world of warships and
    it’s anoying any1 know how to fix

    • +Akula971 I have a AMD R9 290 I can run all other games fine on high
      settings or higher, I can play this game but when I get in to a game the
      loading screen gets stuck and I can’t see shit. and when I move my mouse
      the screen flickers sp I can se the map for a split sec and it’s really

    • +Akula971 My Vid card Regulary turns my PC off when it gets too hot, Nice
      during summers where the Temperature gets above 30 degrees C

    • +PIZZAPOWER12 The game saw my graphics card off. It really needs an up to
      date card. My poor old HD4870 overheated regularly when the game was set at
      medium setting, and finally died 🙁

    • +Johann Schmidt Yeah, that’s also one of those things that Doesn’t work,
      Have you Checked if all the Cables are correctly inserted in their proper
      Response: “But Sir my Desktop is Wireless”

    • *PC won’t turn on* “Sir have you tried turning your PC on and off again”

  41. The Minecraft Ace

    How do you make their names show up?

  42. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    What the fuck like already T8??

    • +MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS Phly and Slick were about 2-3 tiers
      higher than anyone else in that match. Getting to T6 is doable fairly
      quickly with some determination and premium.

    • MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

      No i didnt meant Fry Dellie i meant, the other guys in the game ^^

    • +MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS He’s got a Press Account.

  43. I think it’s time for your next FRB video Phly!

  44. brace yourself! open beta is coming


  46. Wait. The name of the first ship he spots is Atago but there is no Atago in
    the game, right ?

    • +Ravens Nest It was available for purchase but it isn’t at the moment.

    • +Gabriel Harather oh so you want to be funny eh ? ok my turn. Atago is a
      Heavy cruiser of the Fog armed with 128 corrosive warheads. (and I already
      found out that they pulled the atago and atlanta from the shop so that they
      wouldn’t fuck up the MM)

    • +Ravens Nest it was avable for the cbt to buy after the wipe but before obt
      begain, same with the atlanta

    • Gabriel Harather

      The Atago class is a guided missile destroyer from Japan built in ~2005 Lol

  47. Fly, plunging fire! Use your bloody AP!

  48. T Weaver (MisterTee)

    Such a good game. You two should tag team with Baron with those exact

  49. You should use different ammo, HE against BB and armored ships and AP
    against DD and lower armored Ships.

    • +jonathan östansjö There’s no use in shooting AP at the moment (in most
      ships) it’s super unreliable and HE gets you damage a lot easier. In my
      opinion they should or lower the damage HE does and keep the fire chance,
      or lower the fire chance so that fires are more rare than they are now. A
      BB’s repair crew is useless because you just get set on fire the next
      salvo. People who say HE isn’t OP fire it all the time.

    • jonathan östansjö

      +TheDarkZenith If AP pens, it will do a lot more damage than HE. :p

    • +Raz0rking But only if you get a lucky RNG roll. HE is not only more
      reliable, but works better at long range, knocks out a shit ton of modules,
      and of course sets the bugger on fire… a lot.

    • +Bob The Builder Dupstep
      afaik AP ammo has more damage potential then HE.
      Edit; just checked. AP does more damage

    • Bob The Builder Dupstep

      +Raz0rking for pluging fire you want to use HE rounds since you said its
      lightly armored so you can pen and do a whole lot of damage AP is just
      gonna go through the deck and do little damage

  50. ow do you spot targets and switch the Focus?

  51. Phly, ur intros are so fucking awesome!

  52. And I’m stuck here at tier II.

  53. Best fucking intro ever. Shit is dope son….. 

  54. Is this free on steam like War Thunder? 

  55. I love that intro!

  56. What ship should I Showcase NEXT!

  57. Good game

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