MONSTER GAME – Battleships Bismarck 216K Game (World Of Warships)

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MONSTER GAME – Battleships Bismarck 216K Game (World Of Warships)


  1. first! How is going Phly? You sound tired

  2. Get a kill by bouncing a bullet off the ground.
    Attempt 5

  3. First

  4. Take out the Object 906 and the Tu-14T. Test the new theory of the Bias
    Attempt #4

  5. Is it gay to suck your own dick? Like think about it, its gay to jerk
    another man’s dick, but not to do your own.

  6. British rocket combo!
    Cromwell RP-3 with the Hurricane Mk.IV with rockets!
    FOR crown and country Phly!
    *Attempt #6*

  7. take out the new russian jet bomber TU 14T and the T 26 show them
    capitalist pricks our bias attempt 9

  8. Prince oogan

  9. Friedrich der Große – Friedrich dare Grosse – Frederick the great

  10. Just a suggestion for post commentary: Have little story for us to tell,
    while the replay plays back on the background. Just make sure to remember
    when the interesting event happens in the replay. Imagine a T95 replay on
    kursk in War Thunder. Just rolling slowly.. you tell the story.. but then
    some action happens, and you focus temporarily on the game. And when it is
    over, back to the story!
    This only applies if you got any stories! Although I guess something else
    might work too, experiment a little?

  11. what happened with you and Slick attempt 8

  12. I’m a new play to this game what’s Hydro

  13. They re nerfing the hydro on Bismarck, so much of being OP…

  14. As a Russian i can say – no, it is pretty simple for us to say Missouri

  15. Phly, you really need to learn Significant Figures. 5742 is closer to 6000
    than it is to 5000… Just saying ;)

  16. May I ask what “Hydro” is in World of Warships?

  17. I really like it when u do live commentary versus post-game commentary

  18. Play the Derp Max Combo! KV-2 and Pe-8!!!!

  19. It is an OP ship. That’s why it is getting its hydro nerfed next patch.

  20. Виктор «VarVarith» Тюрин

    Hey, its not hard to say, Wjayomjyen! See? Perfect.

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