Montana 265K – World of Warships – post-goat-sacrifice RNG

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Player: Gunship14
Ship: Montana
Map: Shatter

User Description:

Don’t think I’ve ever had this good. My Yamato is jealous of the damage done on angled targets. New record too!

► How can you send me a Replay ?


  1. Good Vid

  2. Monty still beats shit. But I really hope she gets some buffs, she needs
    that so badly.. With Kurfürst out there it is even more of an issue. It is
    a good ship, but there is nothing despite the good AA suite that gives her
    somewhat of an advantage. I mean Yamato has its overmatching monster
    caliber… Kurfürst has as many guns as the Montana but with fairly better
    penetration, plus it has it’s made in Germany armor layout which is
    especially good for brawling, even with a Yamato. Something must be done.

    Anyway nice video :)

  3. The Tasty Sausage Biscuit

    How do I access replays? I got 131k and 4 achievements in the Konig. With a
    post game screenshot.

  4. Very good match.

  5. the montana is dooope

  6. Константин Обойдетесь

    в концовку-подсосникам авикам сосать!

  7. In a coop battle vs bots you would have less luck …

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