Montana 300+ || World of Warships

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  1. Thank you for showing commander skills

  2. Really easy to get citadel hits with it. For some reason I realised lot of people Ignore Montana. They focus on firing German or Russian BBs. That’s the massive advantage of Montana. You can dev strike the guys that ignores you. Really fun ship to play. I hope she and Iowa gets a Model rework like Gearing line is getting one. Montana model looks old now

  3. Emmanuel Marcial

    Nothing better that have your favorite meal and watch this amazing content. Thanks for sharing. These last two replays were awesome and a pleasure to see.

  4. Only 3k off from the 300k+ title

  5. Return of the old BB big monty in beast mode

  6. Replays that follow shells get an automatic downvote from me. It’s so annoying to watch.

  7. @Kremlin Lover main role of Montana is to rip cruiser

  8. Don’t care about how great game it is… Shells or torp followers get dislike by rule from now on… There’s no other way to watch the videos properly

  9. How does it handle HE spam? My GK just melts…

  10. Very very nice play by a capable Montana captain…loved it.

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