Montana 3000+ base XP – INSANE COMEBACK || World of Warships

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  1. Great replay love your vids!

  2. He got really lucky sometimes to not get flooded but great torpedobeat skills, even with enemies help xD

    • Not at all. The only time they took torpedo hit without flooding was when their damage control was active, which prevents flooding. Every other time they took a torpedo, they flooded.

  3. Why is he shooting HE on dds ?? Ap against them are far more effective especially when they are kiting and remain angled to you

  4. Hello, I am a user of a video shows App in china like YouTube in your country, which called bilibili.I very like your videos, so I wonder if I could trans-post your videos about the world of warships to the bilibili.

  5. Das Manöver gegen den Kreuzer war sehr geil wo die Torpedo ankamen von seinen eigenen Spieler und das Manöver war Dan ein Arschloch Manöver sehrgeil????

  6. 更新真的非常勤奋啊!赞⊙∀⊙!

  7. insane come back ??? click bait title

  8. Jesus zoom in out in out in out in out this video is unwatchable

  9. That certainly was a ‘WOW’ moment. Once in a lifetime.. Excellent ship handling..

  10. shima torp 😮

  11. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト


  12. Using the enemy BB as a shield from enemy team’s torps was hilarious!  Gratitude for that!

  13. OK, I admit that red TK was insane. He would have died no question.


  15. LULZ! He used enemy Monty as a torp shield!!

  16. He could have dealt with those DDs lot faster if he hadn’t switched to HE like a mong.

  17. best move ever starts at 7:18, when enemy DD help.

  18. A tard t3 bb played a t10 and drove into friendly torps as a usual t3 player instead of angling away from enemy bb or making a ram effort..

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