Montana 300k+ 15 Citadels – World of Warships

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  1. the citadel Monster is Back 😀

  2. Man i love Montana gameplay

  3. And people complain that monti is a bad ship ?

  4. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    A Yamato main to that Yamato player, what the actual fuck were you thinking?

  5. 5:35 Great work Shima!!!!

  6. 8:05 Hello, it’s me ♪♫

  7. 10:00 Hello from de other siiiiiide ♫♪

  8. Duel vs second Yamato…you have nerves of steel, sir.


    из монтаны получается отличный танкующий крейсер.

  10. Ibuki was lucky that time ran out or he would be dead

  11. Wow. Nail biter! Montana is a way better brawler but that second Yamato was able to keep his guns on him and would have sunk our hero had he not had a decent chunk of health.

  12. Man that comander sounds like hes bored as fuck

  13. wrong title. i think it is meant to be “how to suck in yamato x3”

  14. This is a great player! He isn’t camping like most battleships do..

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