MONTANA 300K DMG 3.3 BXP REPLAY || World of Warships

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  1. 5ter und erstes Kommentar

  2. Das raus und reinzoomen am Ende, bruh

  3. Anders Svensson

    Sniping from spawn for 12 minutes straight. Color me unimpressed.

  4. INORA Kurbanbaeva

    Заебал блядь прицелом

  5. Víctor Isaac Avelleyra Ledesma

    Super camper this gay :v

  6. hon cheong chui

    That’s a Taiho with ball’s of steel

    • My kind of carrier player. try and move into a position where you expose yourself, but strategically, if the enemies fire at you, they are making a mistake 🙂

  7. camper 🙁

  8. For all who said camper: is she warship with canon or swordmen with sword? In wot u say camper to when someone use brain?

  9. budi ramadyanto

    406MM Guns for Jayda

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