Montana – 341k – 3,8k base XP – extreme comback || World of Warships

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  1. Epic!

  2. The dying team strike back

  3. I can only recommand watching T33kanne on twitch. Great job again and gratz on KOTS.

  4. andreas pedersen

    Masterclass by T33kanne! 🙂

  5. Great battle!

  6. this montana don’t know to swing angle?

  7. lucky

  8. He’s quite a good shot

  9. Cyclone really worked in their favor. Plus a Montana and Hindenburg div? Recipe for success.

  10. Epic game!!! Well done!

  11. I have a long way before I can even contemplate having games like this…… That said, as of now I only play mid tiers.

    • Andrew Teng haha agreed. I’m good at support but I can only dream that I’ll ever be that good to carry.

  12. Epic battle. Well done!

  13. 50k commander XP 😀 few games like this and you have all captains tier 19

  14. RAIN take my energy~

  15. Tough asHell-cat

    Montana and hindenburg= recipe for clear sky

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