Montana 3500 Base XP! Perfect Game? (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. Hey Spartan love your videos! Been watching for a little over a year now. I have quite a bit of free xp saved and wondered what ship you prefer, the Alabama or Massachusetts?

  2. I used to love Montana but recently it has been so in accurate I just stoped playing it. But everyone and then it behaves for me

  3. Me over here in the Amagi getting obliterated because a 60000 hitpoint ship going against Yamatos and GKs and getting absolutely wrecked. Balance

  4. Jaqui Greenlees

    Something to be said for the US gun ships. They hit hard, some even hit fast and they are usually accurate when you aim.
    I 1 shot full health Serov with New Mexico. ( 1 shot = all main guns in salvo ) Gotta love the US gun ships.

  5. Hey spartan! If you still wanna do the triple div with Montana, I’m down with it. I like the ship the most due to the accuracy and damage output.

  6. Spartan you should talk about the tear 8 ships and wowls is adding the roon

  7. Well Spartan, I hope your love for the Montana translates to my love for the Montana. I will have it by Sunday…. we’ll see.

  8. Rediculous game. I wish I could play half as good as this

  9. 3500 base xp Wow talk about flawless victory. Impressive Spartan!

  10. Midnight Shield

    Spartan might not be the best wowsl player but he’s without a doubt one of the most entertaining and informative ones and will forever be my favorite

  11. JadedChalice746

    Again why does peek hate the Montana the Montana in my opinion it is the best legendary tier battleship because of its accuracy and 9 times out of 10 it will beat the second most powerful battleship the conqueror

  12. Beautiful match! And i agree, the american line is the most consistent.

  13. For me, the consistency is with the British battleships. I love them. I AVERAGE 3k base in Vanguard

  14. Your getting me excited Spartan. I’m on segment 11 of Montana right now. Keep up the amazing work! I love watching your videos every single day!

  15. Friend of mine did 398 k with conqueror and the another one did 339 k with montana. 200k are good but nothing special.

  16. Hey spartan I recently got this game and am having a hard time finding teammates with half a brain cell. I am glad that there is a 50 50 chance in these later matches

    • Welcome to the game and to the channel! Teammates will almost always disappoint so plan accordingly and try to have fun!

  17. @x_Dragula 300k+ games are absolutely insane in Legends due to it being 9v9

    Haven’t quite broken 300k yet myself but been close several times.

    200k games are still awesome to watch and a pretty great game in Legends.

    Heck I see PC youtubers in 12 v 12s posting under 200k games which is kinda funny to me at tier 10

  18. Awesome enjoy!

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