MONTANA 366 K DMG || World of Warships

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  1. ㄗ丹尺Kモ尺尺工匚卄丹尺刀


  2. ㄗ丹尺Kモ尺尺工匚卄丹尺刀
  3. ㄗ丹尺Kモ尺尺工匚卄丹尺刀

    Gitme mi heart

  4. why all time the shit ZOOM ?

  5. IJN Yamato

  6. Edilson Oliveira Dos Santos

    Ótima partida top

  7. Why do people feel they need to zoom scroll and shell follow everything?

  8. Well played guess I’m good at USN BB because I was like yup I do that everyday

  9. 10:09 When RNJesus says “Nope Nope Nope!”

  10. this guy is so bad

  11. i actually had my replay posted tiday it not an extrodinary game, only 190k but it show how commoners play. The replay is posted at CaptAjax channel if anyone wants to see it. Its a montana game 190k and 3 kills. Plus i could use constructive critisisim

  12. My eyes hurt from constant zooming in and out. Isnt it easier to use shift key???

  13. What an amazing match for that guy. Well played and fantastic result???

  14. Good play. Must have been crazy annoying not to get the those CV kills when one more shell was all it would take to kill them!

  15. When I play like this in my Monty I get deleted very quickly

  16. Nerf montana the way you nerfed cvs

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