Montana 7 kills 263k damage dealt without recieving any || World of Warships

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  1. What Da FUQ . . . In a Montana . . .
    Not a Gearing but a MONTANA.
    I would have never believed it if I haven’t seen this vid myself.
    How many babies did this guy sacrifice to RNGesus to accomplish this feat?

    • of course he sacrificed all his teammates lol, wonder why nobody on the enemy team ping his position, must be weekend warriors

  2. Panzerknaker thanks for the CC conteiner:50 sub camo 👍👍👍😍😍😍

  3. richard segerberg

    That friendly Des Moines was better 🙂

  4. I do find it very impressive how he carried the game like that without losing a single hit point, but this would just inspire more range sniping battleships like we haven’t got enough of those! in my opinion he does not deserve that carrier is he almost had no potential damage! honestly in my opinion, I think that this replay should probably not have been posted because of the stupid unexperienced sniping battleship meta that is currently going on throughout world of warships! not to say that the damage alone is impressive and not taking a single hit point of damage but, you’re just letting your teammates die for no reason when you could have done a lot more for them!

    • Kevin Maghinang

      Aaron Reiche agreed

    • I agree, the battleship should be leading the charge, soaking up damage with their heavy armour and high health pools while the cruisers do the damage with their higher DPM.

    • i was thinking about the same and what are you saying is true but i never saw a battle where a battleship survived without getting hit…i don’t want to inspire battleships to camp far and snipe but i thought it would be a unique battle to see

    • Isaiah Jennings

      i have a idea on a new US BB line that focuses more on getting up close and using heavier shells and a bigger caliber but having a high citadel and decent AA compared to the normal US line and in my opinion BBs should stick with cruisers providing the heavy fire and coverage for them

  5. Hannah Montana

  6. pfft tanking in a BB is for inferior nabs 😛

  7. This should rewarded with no repair cost kek

  8. If you can do that in a monty they gotta give him some premium consumables or something because the odds of this happening are pretty low

  9. I would never do something like this again. Battleships need to tank damage and support the team. But i had this great position when the whole enemy team pushed one by one 😀

  10. upload my Zao 275K Kraken dang namm it

  11. Best sniper BB here :3

  12. Abusing the island cover xD

  13. Battleship lives matter 🙂

  14. Grundsätzlich hasse ich camper, besonders in einem BB. In diesem Fall war die Situation aber eine Einladung – dennoch kein wirklicher Spaß.


  15. I really did like the battle but the reason for not getting damage is because he had other to spot for him most of the match. Really great game play on his part and his team. The only issue here is he is the battleship and they need to tank for their team as much as damage dealing and sinking ships.

  16. VolcanicAkuma555

    Very well played and excellent use of island cover. Arguably, a battleship should move in and tank damage, but there was just no need for that this time, what with the enemy team being so eager to overextend and die.

  17. Scars are a battleship’s mark of victory.

  18. This player definitely knows how to use his Montana. I especially like the decision he made at 12:50 to switch from enemy BB stuck to a CA–a good command of what target to shoot at.

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