Montana 7 KILLS AP POWER || World of Warships

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  1. thanks for being one of the few channels that uploads this game

  2. my god that Kagero …

  3. Just 50k more XP on Iowa and I’ll finally have this beast

    • +Bolin Wang that’s interesting cuz it seems to me that GK in the current meta is the worst tier X BB. With inconsistent dispersion it has to get in close but because of HE spam it goes down quite quickly. But Montana can stay at medium ranges and shoot accurately and disengage when necessary. I don’t have the ship though so my analysis could be totally off…

    • +mnmarler GK has the worst dispersion among all t10 bbs, and average damage is not impressive, but she has the highest win rate in the server. Does it amaze you?
      If a GK player knows when and how to push, he is a monster.
      You can get 20k dmg from a poor GK player every round, but the only thing you can do when a good GK player is pushing you is run.

    • mnmarler I love my Montana, I hope you’ll enjoy her too.

    • +Bolin Wang I think that Montana is one of the best TX BB. You’re saying that the ship has the lowest win rate in NA, ok. But the Monty is also the most used BB in clan battle (with the Yamato). Montana is very consistent, has good accuracy, powerful 406mm (way more powerful than GK ones), good enough reach, excellent AA, good enough tankiness, same rudder shift time than Yammy, good speed, this ship has the ability to be “polyvalent”. I also think that GK is probably the worst BB. Yes, it has an unmatched tankiness, the secondaries are insanely powerful and the lack of citadel is also a huge +. But honestly that’s about it. Main armament is the weakest of all TX BB. Very low pen for the 406, inaccurate, poor reach, utterly awful rear turret angle that force the ship to fight broadsiding. Yes the ship is dangerous in close quarter, but in mid to long range, this ship is kind of harmless.

    • I think one of the main reasons Montana’s winrate is so low is her flexibility. It’s her greatest strength and weakness. She can do just about any playstyle you need with her; concealment build, tanky build, sniper build, and in a pinch can brawl. However, every other BB in game can do at least one of those playstyles better; GK is better brawler/tank, Yammy is better sniper, Conqueror has more survivability, Republique is more agile. Overall Montana is a much more difficult BB to use than the rest, because the playstyles of other BB’s are more clear cut.

      Montana is a strong T10 BB, but may not be for everyone.

  4. Edilsonoliveiradossantos Oliveria

    Muito bom

  5. I don’t like this video at all, the only thing this Montana did well is taking damage. Look how they won the game, two bbs one shoot behind an island and another keep away from cap, shima never get into B even no one can detect him in cap.
    If I were this Daring, I can win the game.
    I have a 19 points commander with radio location on daring to help me get the shima.
    This Montana won the game because all of the enemy team did the wrong things.

    • Bolin Wang lol. “I can win the game” lololololol. Full of yourself much?

    • Salt factory online

    • +Boaty McBoatfac3 I played 4000 games and had win rate almost reach to 58%, find my ID above. Show me you have a better understanding of this game and show me your ID here.
      Besides, don’t be too salty when you have a disagreement without bringing a good idea, show me something to prove my overconfidence.
      you know why I posted that? I’ve seen too many bbs have more than 3/4 hp when they lose and they were still running away when they still had a chance to win a game. Every time you know the only chance to win the game is pushing into a cap point, you pushed and all teams left.
      Most idiot bbs they never know how to use their advantage to win a game, they believe they are the big boss of the game, what they only did is taking damage behind all teams. And when you blamed him he said I got !@#!#%$@# damage you can’t blame me and then posted your language to the forums. Every time I checked these idiots’ profiles they have an average win rate around 45.
      Tell me why they were so confident and they believe that’s what all he can do? They watched too many this kind of videos.
      what I really tell is, plz post good quality videos to teach a new player how to use your ship to win a game, you can’t have a good win rate if you don’t use your ship properly, taking damage is just one of the ways to win a game.

    • ​+Arc 1105 Check what I said above.
      And why you can not get such high damage in a game? it’s not you are not good enough, you do not have a chance to shoot such many broadside ships in a single game.
      All the enemies ships showed broadside to Montana this game.

    • I agree… This vid was pretty lame… Terrible shot placement, terrible target selection. Most of these kills were clean up kills, and that Kagero was a disgrace. It takes a long time to get up to tier 8. A Kagero should never sit still unless actually in smoke, and even then, you should maneuver within smoke. This is the second vid where it promises greatness only to be a bunch of opportunistic last hitting and mediocre skill…

  6. how does one get 37k of experience? I can not even use all my EXP flags and make the best battle of my life.

  7. Holy crap that SALLY guy in the chat.

  8. A potatoe dd spotted and standing stationary make it easy to hit with your bb ap.?

  9. Great game. And some damn good manoeuvering!

  10. Виктор Дашковский

    Могу скинуть вам реплей, куча достижений,265000 дамага…jean bart

  11. Евалата, Викторе! Само така 😉

  12. AimBot Player…

  13. 4:10 that kagero player is miscalculated the monata ap shells wont do such damage to dd.

  14. any best captain skills for montana?

    • Take a 1 point perk (not important in my opinion which one), then go for adrenaline rush, the perk giving you extra charges of consumables, stealth, the perk reducing max fires, reduce fire duration and then choose between repairparty cooldown and faster turning guns.
      Modulewise you take stealth, AA range buff, reduce of dispersion and everything which denied fires in any way or could help to reduce cool down if repairparty and in slot 1 you put anything you want again. This is personal preference.
      Ah and btw with legendary upgrade you take this one…

  15. “wow” what a nice match ?

  16. this crazy aim l think its warpack cheat

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