MONTANA 8 kill (11kill with div): broken backs all round || World of Warships

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  1. 7:50 all skill no luck xD

  2. LMAO …….. the wall of torps at the shima near the end …….. fitting

  3. Neptune and North Carolina: “I saw a Montana, the best idea its show all broadside. Hey, he hit me with 30k damage, i go to show again the broadside to let him finnish the work.”
    Also North Carolina: “I saw Montana that he dont show me the broadside and he repaired the flood of torps, i still using AP, its will work. Fires are overrated”

  4. shooting was pretty good, map awareness was lacking big time in my opinion especially when he ate the zao torps that really should not have happened because of how obvious it was

  5. 7:43, I was wondering why the Ognevoi made a weird movement haha xD

  6. That Izumo…. And he would have had a golden game if it were not for those torps.

  7. This Montana, his target selection and aim were good but I don’t think I have often seen a Montana shoot this well, he seemed to have RNG on his side his groups were really tight.

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